Let’s face it we humans love complexities! We rarely ever seem to accept the simple truth and it’s often the simple truths of life that set us apart.

It’s no different for success; we must realize that while attaining success requires us to put the pedal to the metal and work our hot buns off, it’s the small things done with enthusiasm and utmost consistency that helps us to stand out.

The truth simply said is not enough; the complex truth makes more sense. Sometimes accomplishing a dream or goal seems like we relish a long and arduous journey to middle earth to fight dragons, Orcs, and don’t forget the Nazgul, trek through swampland, get haunted by ghosts and then achieve success!

News flash success and happiness are not easy, though they’re not that complicated. We tend to make it that way…

Here are five ways how you can make ordinary habits extraordinary:

Speak them into existence

There’s no greater power than speaking what we want and desire, not what we have. If you have a goal to lose ten pounds, then start by speaking as though you’ve already shed those pesky pounds.

When we become the embodiment of our desired selves, the universe always reciprocates. Also, alert your personal and social networks about your goals and humbly ask them to keep you accountable. This creates an opportunity to be true to your words or be regarded as a flake and no one likes to be flaky

Schedule it and it gets done!

Schedule it guys, the greatest act of following through with a thought or potential habit is your ability to ink it in your calendar.

It’s easy to say what you can potentially do or might do, but potential, try-tos and might-dos establish doubt in the person who’s speaking and the other(s) listening. Solidify your mindset and ink it in!!

Do it often. Have you done it today?

Habits are formed through repetition. The ability to stick to guns and keep on keeping on will set apart from the fakers from the makers. Consistency will breathe life into your life, business and dreams.

On again, off again isn’t the way to go if you want to succeed. You must make a calculated decision to do the daily monotonous tasks that will eventually lead you to the precipice of your life.

Have you found a person of interest yet?

Have you found a friend or mentor you can trust to guide you? The best thing that you can do for your dream is to seek out a mentor or someone you can be accountable to for your life and business.

The great thing about having a mentor is he will always tell you what’s right for your life and not what temporary makes you feel good. Mentors tend to empathize not sympathize. The last thing you need is to be snorting pseudo happiness. You’ll feel good in the moment, but horrendous later.

You can never go wrong with self-gifts

Get good at incentivizing yourself and rewarding yourself when you’ve attained small, but significant accomplishments. The last thing you want is to be burnt out with nothing. Little incentives give you hope and motivation for the next work day.

Yes, it’s important to feel good and often times we have to be the Good Samaritan in our own lives. It makes going out there to get the job done…gratifying.


Freebie: Initialize! Realize that it’s ok to fail because failures often lead to success. The accomplishment of anything worthwhile will require you to adjust and reset your goals.

It’s certainly a humbling experience and the more you adjust your goals, a lesson is learnt. You decide whether it gets implemented. You decide if your habit becomes…done!!

C.T.A: Did you like this post? It would be greatly appreciated if you shared these tips with  friends and family on your social networks. Let us know which of these steps work for you now and which ones you need to implement. How about any additions?  Which habits have helped you to succeed and which ones have hampered your success?

photo credit: Good, Bad Habits via photopin (license)

Story Courtesy: The Lords of the Rings

Five Ways to Make Ordinary Habits Extraordinary
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