Life Happens. If you’re a living, breathing, experiencing human being (and I’m sure you are) you’ve probably said this before and why is that? Usually it’s a show of frustration or compliance when situations journey into our lives.  Just when you think its smooth sailing, you enter unchartered, choppy territory.

When one angry wave hits you, you become shaken. But then you become stricken by the onslaught of multiple hits. What do you do to keep afloat? How do you keep your ship above water and remain unscathed when inevitably, life happens.

My week has been full of excitement thus far and I say this to be funny. It has been one incident after the other…I found out on Monday that I have a leak at home and I would need to chop half of my kitchen off (machete anyone?) Did I mention that I had done my floors this past week?

Tuesday brought its own surprises as well. My equilibrium was totally out of whack and I felt a bout of absolute nausea by that evening and almost all of Wednesday. I did the infamous, “why me??” a few times and then I said, “woman up, woman!” to myself.

The moment I decided to feel better I instantly began to feel good. Here are a few tips to bounce back when life happens:

Every great vision begins with a thought. If you’d like to change your situation, then change your thinking. When faced with a dire circumstance, do you give it the spot light? Do you become consumed by it and does it overtake your life?

Let me ask you, does your circumstance positively change when you focus all your energies on it? Probably not. I recommend that you think about solutions and redirect your focus to a healthier, more productive avenue.

Thoughts create a vision, a vision creates the world around us and the world around us becomes a reflection of ourselves.  What are you creating in your life that’s a reflection of you?

Speaking right builds the life we desire. Too many of us speak the things we don’t want into our lives and our brain assumes it’s true, so like a genie it works double time to make it a reality.

The brain assumes the information you feed it is true and it’s sad because we are usually governed by our emotions when we think and speak out of angst and stress.

Change the way you speak about your life, your circumstance and particularly about you. Accept that great things come your way, but get good at speaking it in the present.

All this week people asked how I was feeling and I kept on saying, “I feel great” or “I spoke it away” and everyone assumed that I was already feeling great. The truth is, I’m not 100% great, but I’m pretty darned close to it because I decided to speak what I desired.

Implement it! You’ve thought it, spoken it and now it’s time to implement a course of action. If you’re stressed and your confidence is low, then listen in on webinars, go to workshops, and read, read, read.

Solutions become workable when you go the extra mile. I would also suggest writing out your ideal outcome in the present tense and post it everywhere you can see it!

Keep calm and know that you’re not alone. Let’s face the facts; you’ll not be the first or last person with situations. Life will always happen, but we have to make a conscious effort to be in control and not let life control us.

Ask a close friend or mentor for their opinion on how to handle it. Even if you have no one, you can seek people out via social media and get a good feel for your course of action.

Wake up and build great relationships.We are all only human, that being said, we all need loved ones in our lives. If you had an emergency at 4am, who would you call? Better yet, who can you call? I’m not saying to keep your loved ones close only to use them for comfort and emergencies.

Rather, genuine relationships remain as such when there’s honesty and integrity attached. There’s nothing quite like kindness, empathy and reciprocity when we’re in need. Being vulnerable isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a reminder to be humble and  a call to being a person of strength.

Listen to music, take a break or do something fun. I love to revamp and renew! Whenever I need to bounce back, I stop, breathe, take a break and go for a walk. It’s the most refreshing course of action! I’ll either listen to music on my walk or I’ll listen to an inspiring, uplifting or butt kicking talk on YouTube or stored ones on my phone.

I have very eclectic tastes, so I listen to all genres of music, eat weird combinations and watch Lazy A** Stoner on YouTube. He’s brings awareness to cannabis and I’ve watched many hours of his tips on marketing!! He has truly amazing insight!! Hey whatever works for you, I’m being real here.

Enough said, Go out there and bounce the heck back!!

C.T.A: Did you like this post? Tell us in the comment section below. It would be greatly appreciated if you shared these tips with friends and family on your social networks. How about any additions? How do you bounce back when life happens?


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How To Bounce Back When Life Happens

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