We all want to WIN and by WIN I mean big! Whether you’re a professional, business owner, philanthropist or an aspiring creative, we all want to harness the power of social media.

To capture such a power, one needs to possess a few essential qualities, such as; the ability to inspire, motivate, be innovative and the ultimate; to shock! You may be thinking that most of everything has already been done, but I beg to ask the question: has it been done by you?

The best way to inspire is by leading with stories. I like you, love struggle to victory stories. You know, the ones that tug at your heartstrings. The fact remains that you get people’s attention when you foster a humane connection with them.

You’ve really won them over when they can see themselves through your story. The ability to inspire comes packaged with the matching ability to relate. When you’ve mastered genuinely relating then you’ve won their hearts, likes, shares, follow and comments alike.

People are motivated when they recognize that you’re great for your word. Simply put, you show them and continue to show them that you possess exemplary accountability.

People like consistently good information because they understand that if you’ve exemplified integrity then they want to know who you are and most likely will want to do business with you. I’ve always been quick to notice when someone has grown themselves and even quicker to notice if they’re stagnant.

Nobody likes to socialize with mediocrity. People who motivate always possess a crystalized vision for their lives and it’s a blatant truth that the only thing that stands in their way is time and mad, crazy work.

Learn how to use the tools available to you to live an optimal life. Sometimes we want to take the scenic route rather the short cut. Don’t overcomplicate the process and NEVER attempt to short cut the short cut.

I remember my mom telling me a story about my aunt who wiped her floors by hand for years. Yes, cleaning was a long grueling process, until one day my mom asked her if she’d ever heard of the great invention called a mop! She got smart real fast.

Being innovative doesn’t mean having great technical skills. You must to be cutting edge as well as top of mind  to be a social success. YouTube alone is a great resource for tutorials and you can literally learn a new skill by inundating yourself on this channel.

The shock factor is usually the one that requires the most work, faith and consistency. You definitely don’t need to wreck your life to shock folks on social media. Do you want eyes on you, your life and your business? Then, your eyes must be connected to the area of interest you hope to expose to the world.

I’d go for shocking stats since good numbers and good research elicits a unique sense of provocation unlike anything else. Provocation really works when an incentive is attached. For example, offer a chapter of your e-book, a trailer to your upcoming video and always remember people love FREE!

Other spectacular ways to shock are with imagery and videos. Shock people by appealing to their senses! What can you show that will provoke a response? People get inspired, motivated and shocked often, but do you ever issue a C.T.A (Call To Action)?

Sometimes all that’s required is our ability to ask nicely. Ask for subscribers, ask people to like your content, share it and NEVER automate everything. The thing I see often is social automation and I gotta say it really irks me to see it and recognize it throughout anyone’s page.

We must be great representations of our brand, business, networking and the worst way to evade getting genuine growth is by automating your marketing.

When you grow you will need to automate, but always keep your integrity intact by being present. People love it when you respond directly to them and it truly matters to them when you sincerely care.

C.T.A: Did you like this post? It would be greatly appreciated if you shared these tips with friends and family on your social networks. Let us know which of these tips work for you now and which ones you need to implement. How about any additions? Tell us how you’ve won on social media.



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How to WIN on Social Media

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