How many of us have had moments in our lives that we just wish to erase? To conjure up mental floss like it were real and use it for purpose of extracting the debris that lie stagnant within our minds.

Like that time you and your neighbor had a high volume conversation about the weekday noises that seep through your walls or the time your boss embarrassed you for being two minutes late or how about the time your best friend told that secret she should have kept to herself?

These moments become an insistent shadow on our minds, slowly leaving behind residue and because little things can leave a bad taste, eventually it becomes a cavity of the mind!

The mind becomes devoid of essential cleaning… and all of the moments that you would like to eradicate, simply remains there. Those moments age, ferment and linger…boy how they linger!

The more you ignore the cavity of the mind, the more it grows, the more it becomes a degenerate disease that aches and pains…if only we could use our mental floss and file away at the pieces of our past and experiences left behind.

How well we care for the things around us…but, how well do you mind your mind? Clarify your thoughts! Get rid of the plaque that disables the way you live your life! Magnify fresh thoughts that refreshes your life, breathes joy and relief into your moments! Throw down the gauntlet…rise up to the challenge.

Take the time to take an x-ray of your mind and examine the moments you wish to keep…keep the ones that bring you peace and discard the ones that lose you sleep!

Sometimes we put so much emphasis, energy and thought on the circumstances that has us out of sorts that we forget to redirect our focus on the good things in our lives. When we magnify those little sparks of happiness we reduce our burdens.

We can’t eradicate memories or circumstances, but we can build new experiences and focus on the positive in our lives.

If you don’t have enough positive or believe that you have none at all, then inspire yourself and do something thoughtful for someone else.

You see, it’s easy to dwell in our depressions, in our self-inflicted torment. Refute the easy path, choose to change. Yes, you’ll have to fight for it, but what’s an easy fight worth?

Mental floss can be found in every direction especially on the inside. I urge you to seek solutions, speak highly of yourself, specifically to yourself.

Book Recommendation: Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen

*P.S Joel Osteen speaks often in many states in the U.S and the tickets cost only a nominal fee, plus there are a plethora of self-help conferences you can attend!!

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