Are you a millennial, then there’s no better time to succeed than the present!

The time is now to stop the harrowing cycle of average…I cringe inwardly whenever I hear the word average. It makes me want to scream because so many people live their lives feeling this way.

Question: If you lived by a cliff would you rather put a fence around your house or park an ambulance at the bottom? Well, many people live their lives with little preparedness for the future and unfortunately we become stuck in an unbending situation.

I spoke to a friend this week who had overcome cancer and unfortunately it has returned to wreak havoc on her body. I’ve been absolutely devastated since I heard, but it really made me count my blessings.

She is such a fighter that I have no question that she’ll be victorious no matter the outcome. She mentioned to me that she had incessant pain for years and at the time she’d thought nothing of it. That being said, It is so important that we take care of our body, mind and spirit.

We become unhinged too often because as a society we’re overworked, underpaid and busy as ever! We take great care of our homes, our cars, our properties and what do we do for us? Very little…

Your personal dreams and goals matter, no matter what your reality may appear to be right now, know that hope always lingers if you allow it. If you want to improve your health, finances, spirituality, or relationships, then start today.

Toxic Habits

Write down a three toxic habits you are willing to give up in each area you want to improve. Tell other people that you’ll be doing away with said habits and seek out a mentor or good friend to be accountable to.

Start your own social revolution. Most of the world today is active on social media and you probably play a pretty active role yourself.

Tell your friends and followers about your quest to change your life and tell them when you’re victorious and also when you slip up. Let social media not just be a way to pass time, but a way make your time worthwhile.

Reward yourself. Give a little back to yourself when you’ve been good or when you hit a milestone. Catch a movie, go to the spa, take a day off, etc. You are the greatest you to have ever lived and it’s so important to recognize your worth and truly live life with no regrets.

It’s great to do our best, but to change we’ve got to do whatever it takes!!

The Power of Dissociation

What happens when you put a bad apple in a basket of good ones? Does the bad apple become good? Do good apples stage an intervention and turn the rotten apple nice and juicy? Absolutely not!! Well, the same can be said for people.

When we were kids our parents taught us to mind our association. They probably said, “Never hang around those kids” or my favorite, “don’t let me catch you with those kids.” They knew what would happen if you did befriend such a crowd.

Yes, you do want hang around people who uplift, motivate and grow you, however are you holding on to toxic friends and keeping the ones who are supposed to grow you? It’s impossible to grow, especially mentally you’re deflated by you relationships.

Ultimately, the people in your life should make you feel good about yourself and you should reciprocate as well. Whether it’s a spouse or significant other, parents, friends, family and colleagues alike, you should cease interaction or limit interaction with people who put you down, hurt, or cause you heartache.

Dissociate yourself from toxic people because by definition anything toxic is poisonous and life-threatening. Afraid to take this step? The greatest accomplishments in life come to fruition when you’re most uncomfortable and decide to take the step in spite of reservations and fear.

Now I understand some of us can be toxic to self…well change that. Let me ask you; how’s that going for you?

The best way to combat self-toxicity is by growing your self-image. I’ll definitely do another post on that topic at a later time. Now, all you need to do is self-heal. Invest in yourself by reading, listening and viewing.

Today there’s really no excuse why we can access help. It’s free and it’s available! Go get it! I’ll make some reading recommendations for you as well.

Books everyone ought to read: Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s What to Say When You Talk To Yourself, Dr. David Schwartz’s The Magic of Thinking Big, Joel Osteen’s Your Best Life Now and my personal favorite Og Mandino’s The Greatest Miracle in the World.

C.T.A : Did you like this post? It would be greatly appreciated if you shared these tips with friends and family on your social networks.  How about any additions? What toxic habits and/or relationships have you personally overcome and how did you prevail?

photo credit: Resist Persists via photopin (license)

Stopping The Cycle Of Average

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