It’s the thing we dread, the thing that sends our blood pressure through the roof and our stress levels skyrocketing …struggle. Just when we think our world is crashing down on us and we’re about to break…there is imminent hope.

As a people we simply love happiness and expect happiness to be seamless. But the truth is, it never is nor will it ever be.

Here are three tips to get you through and victorious in struggle:

Understand the freedom

There’s something amazingly liberating about struggle. Imagine a world without it…how would we overcome? How would we grow and become more? Without it we would be stagnant in our lives and what kind of life stories would we possess? The kind that’s boring and even you would skip over.

Liberating yourself really means breaking down barriers to become the best you and knowing the power you hold and capitalizing on those abilities.

Having struggle means that you have the abilities to overcome, forgive and heal. In short, make peace with your struggles.

Sometimes if you’ll recognize it, you will see an opportunity presents itself to evolve your thinking, change another life and/or elevate your life. Sometimes we’re so busy keeping our feet steady on the ground that we don’t recognize that new opportunities lie just above.

Can’t Change it? Change the Way you think about it!

If you’ve ever read a Dr. Seuss book it changes the way you think about writing, imagination and the amazing complexities of the mind. Instead of conforming to the norm, be different; be groundbreaking in your approach to your circumstance.

The problem with overcoming struggle is that sometimes that struggle or circumstance CAN’T be changed and we are constantly trying to change the fact.

Perhaps you have a health situation that’s dire. While this may be devastating, you can look to change the way people approach and handle this particular health situation.

In short, become an advocate, get involved in the community and find a good cause that you can help with. When we’re stuck, we have to navigate our minds to become unstuck and take the path less travelled.

Weigh your PROS and CONS

Weighing our pros and cons can really give unique perspective on the good and bad of our situation. Write them out and decipher the trajectory you need to take. Map out the pros section and find solutions.

Do research; ask a few good friends or a trusted mentor for suggestions and then decide your course. No action leads to the pattern of inaction, inaction leads to complacency and that becomes the vile anchor of our lives.

The weight of the anchor is heavy and unforgiving especially when we refuse to take positive steps in the direction of healing. The great thing about change is that there are no limitations and deadlines. Take the big step and take charge!

Remember, you are worth it; you were made with flickers of greatness! Live your truest potential now.

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photo credit: Sigmund Freud One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful via photopin (license)

Three Tips To Overcoming Struggle
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