If we’re asked what our dreams are, as adults we would draw blanks…if we ask children about their dreams without a second thought they would speak their minds never missing a beat…

Unaware of the challenges and struggles that life bring, children will speak from a position of innocence. The mind of the child itself is infallible. It only knows its strength and holds no barriers, no walls to break down…For the mind of the child believes that he can become anything, possess everything, and fulfill his  heart’s desire.

I too remember, as a child I would look into the sky and the sky was truly the limit. I feel nostalgic as see myself there in my mother’s rose garden thinking of my fruitful future, anticipating a lush life.

Looking into the clouds, I would dream of floating amongst the clouds, amongst the stars, getting closer to heaven…And I would soon enough because I would use an airplane to get there!

I thought of how different my life would be…I thought in and of abundance…spiraling deeper into my imagination…deeper into the swift movements of my outstretched arms…spiraling like a top.

And then we learn that this mindset is simply a fantasy…it would never amount to much…we would have to settle. Settle for a smaller life; like a bug stuck in a human’s world…a big frightening world, waiting to be stomped on.

As we get older our dreams and aspirations become child’s play, a figment of the young mind. Life teaches us, and others are all too quick to point out that life is FULL of struggle, FULL of  disappointment and we should never have high hopes of letting our dreams out.

So we react by hiding our dreams, shelving them, deep in the recesses of our mind and as time progresses our dreams slip further and further away from us. Our dreams become the most unproductive, unused, stagnant part of ourselves and by the time we are adults our dreams become absolutely ridiculous to us…like Santa  riding in his sleigh, like the tooth fairy giving money for teeth…

It’s an absolute truth that the dream makes the man and the man makes the dream. I recently attended a “Millionaire Mindset” seminar where I did an activity with a partner. Our task was to write down a dollar amount that we would like to accomplish in the next three years.

This figure would adequately cover our dream home, car, travel, expenses, etc. We next had to share that amount with our partner, which I did and she proceeded to hysterically laugh at me. I quirked my eyebrow at her and asked, “You do know the name of the seminar, right?”

A mental impossibility becomes shattered when we elevate our thinking to match the life we desire. Our income will always be proportional to our self-images and our self-images will always be irrevocably tied to our mindset.

I urge you this day; rekindle your dreams… dream big dreams. Dream with wild abandon because every breathtaking finished product of a dream began with the seed of the dream.

You were placed on this earth, at this time, for a great purpose…greater than the mind can fathom. Greater than your wildest, craziest dreams…YOU are meant for greatness!

Book Recommendation: Think and Grow Rich by Nipoleon Hill and The Ant And The ELEPHANT By Vince Poscente.

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photo credit: Steve Maraboli Don’t sit back and wait for life to happen to you. Dream, plan, execute via photopin (license)

You Are Meant For Greatness

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