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Throughout this blog post you’ll find some of my victory log. The card was written to me by several of my great friends and the notes are actual lines written to me. Every line is written by a different person.

It’s December 29th, 2015 and you’re probably still in the holiday mode. Perhaps you’re planning a get together with your loved ones for New Year’s Eve or you’re invited to attend a get together, which ever it is, you’re pumped up about the impending New Year.

I’ve seen many different rants on social media and that has prompted me to write this post. Lots of folks are excited about 2016 goals, but lots of folks are already regretting 2015. It really made me think of creating a log to serve you (and I) well.

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Before I tell you about the parameters for creating your log, I need you to understand that you already have a log and one that you use daily. I speak of your mental log…AKA the log that never forgets.

If you have a normal brain and I’m sure you do, then you probably see your negative experiences, your hurt more than positive ones in your mind’s eye. I’ve been known to have a green thumb (on occasion) and all green thumbers know that the moment you pull weeds they grow back in a matter of a few days.

In fact, you never have to plant weed seeds for them to grow, but you bet your sweet as…terisk that you have to plant flower or vegetable seeds to see and experience the joy of harvesting.

For goodness sakes, no one harvest weeds…in fact weeds are despicable vermin to a gardener! Just as weeds are automatic, negative is as well.

To refute damaging thoughts, we must make a conscious effort to input growth thoughts, overcoming thoughts and thoughts that reveal and heal.

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Think about the most prominent thought in your mind. What thought bugged you all day? What thought was pon the replay (come on just ask your MDJ; Mental Disc Jockey) in your mind? Now, why did you think that thought?

A bad thought typically never originates from another bad thought, now does it? It’s always an experience that made you think that good or bad thought(s), that eventually made you feel good or bad.

When I was in primary school my math teacher was particularly harsh. You see, in those days corporal punishment wasn’t abolished (and not sure if it is now) and my teacher felt it was her duty to implement said rule.

We would hear all about her dirty laundry in the community and her students were her stress releasing outlet. Eventually I really didn’t like math because I acquainted learning math to getting whipped.

Math became the whip that I abhorred and if I ever meet that teacher she sure’s getting a piece of my mind and rightly deserved!

I’ve obviously long moved on, but I wanted to share how a single moment or experience can hold you hostage or you can use it to set you free; should you be so wise.

Think about the plethora of experiences that are floating around in your three pound brain and how deep those thoughts have become you. Have you allowed it to become you or are you, you because you simply choose to be?

Back to the here and now…is your mind keeping a log of your victories or your defeats of 2015? Are you thinking, “2015 came and went without me achieving my goals” or have you taken the time to note small victories?

Do you recognize the good that’s done unto you, the blessings that have touched your life and the simple daily nuances that have been proven to be little blessings disguised?

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The good pluses about having defeats is you have more to add to your story and more to overcome. No one likes a story without a plot twist. Life is a series of plot twists; though, you always decide how your story evolves.

My urge and/or challenge to you is that find your 2015 victories and keep a log of them. Even the tiny victories lead to good thoughts and eventually good feelings.

Here’s what you need for your log:




Type or neatly write your victory log and post it everywhere you look often. For example, by your desk, bathroom mirror, wallet, etc.

Remember, we have had experiences some worse or better than others. We always hold the power to decide what we allow to become us and whether we allow our thoughts to become the monster or the magic!!

C.T.A: Did you like this post? Tell us in the comment section below. It would be greatly appreciated if you shared these tips with friends and family on your social networks. How about any additions? What are your 2015 victories?

Defeat Log or Victory Log: The Log To Keep For 2016

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