Has a persimmon ever tested your patience? Well, about ten tested mine. A persimmon is an orange looking fruit that takes an incredibly long time to ripen.

It’s the epitome of delayed gratification! It’s had the utmost honor of sitting on my kitchen counter for the past three weeks and now threatens to become a permanent feature! Nonetheless, when it finally ripens its delicious!

How many of us have wanted it now, in this moment, no delays or denials? The age of the microwave is an age that perpetuates itself. Many of us sabotage our growth by constantly trying to prematurely pick our goals.

We refuse to give it time to ripen, grow and reach its rightful stage of maturity. Delaying gratification isn’t easy, but so worth it when you experience the fruits of your delay.

I meet a lot of people and it’s sad to see that so many people get the fanciest cars only to compromise on the homes they live in or the quality of optimal health they receive.

Remember, when you succumb to instant gratification you’re shortchanging yourself and your goals and dreams.

So personal testimony time; I’ve always considered myself to be pretty darn healthy. I don’t eat out much, I cook at home and do my best to use fresh ingredients, I don’t drink, by choice or smoke and I exercise.

I thought I was doing phenomenal, however I’m currently overcoming a tiny health challenge and I finally decided to go the natural route with my care.

I started doing acupuncture and I gotta say after two sessions I was healed! Well, no not healed. But I felt healed, I acted healed, however my doctor reprimanded me yesterday.

When I initially had my visit with him he gave me specific instructions to follow and I did for a period of time.

He told me I had to throw out anything aluminum, stop eating from and using any aluminum materials and I had to stop eating eggs as well.

I stopped drinking seltzer (which I love), I eased up on drinking energy drinks and I stopped eating eggs (and I often had an omelet for breakfast) and what do you know? I was feeling like a million bucks!

I started feeling so great that I presumed I was good enough to revert back to my old habits. Which I did!! He’s so intuitive that the first thing he asked me was, “did you have anything in a can today?”

This was probably the most needles I’ve had since I started. Now I have added “no wheat” to my list. But it really hit home that in order to reap the reward you have to have enough faith to sustain you throughout the process. Faith, my darlings, is definitely an action word!

Many times you’ll seem tricked into believing you’ve arrived and like the persimmon when you get a taste of your unripen dream; it leaves the most disgusting taste in your mouth. Unripen persimmon is so gross!

Your dreams and goals deserve to see the light of day! You deserve to have them bless your life! But first, here are a few truths about delayed gratification:

  • It’ll probably be the most unexciting, monotonous period of your life, but it’s most necessary process and worth it.
  • Succumbing to instant gratification leads to poor habits and eventually these habits become to brunt of our choices.
  • Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS magazine, talks about the impact of little decisions on our lives in his book, The Compound Effect.

He mentions that elephants don’t bite, but mosquitos sure do! He says, “It’s the frequent, small, seemingly inconsequential choices that are of grave concern.”

When we start to make little decisions that affect small parts of our life, It eventually derails our onward progression.

The best thing you can do is to own the decisions you make and if they have proven to be detrimental then stop!

Here’s a Hardy quote from The Compound Effect, “The problem is that the payoff or instant gratification derived from bad habits often far outweighs what’s going on in your rational mind concerning long term consequences. What motivates you is the ignition to your passion, the source for your enthusiasm, and the fuel of your persistence.”


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photo credit: Snow Persimmon via photopin (license)

Delay Your Gratification…Just Like A Persimmon

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