Words can throw punches too. Wounds heal, though poisoned words burrow its way into the soul and become an imprint caste in bars of steel.

We have truly become an insensitive society. I see so many people having a brain to mouth melt down and it’s really sad. It’s never ok to hurt and poke jabs at others to get vindication.

Are your words throwing punches or soothing and uplifting? Empathy is at its easiest when there’s a familial connection. Judgements are best when familial connections are nonexistent.

Remember you judge others by their actions, but you judge yourself by your intentions. The worst way to die is to commit suicide by poisoned words and thoughts. This is the path to the living dead…

These words can either hurt you or others. When you hurt yourself and others with the words you think and speak, it hasn’t just happened. It has been part of your makeup for a long time; perhaps through the way you were brought up, your experiences and your environment.

Having a great attitude on good days is pretty easy, but pushing forward and having a great attitude on trying days is a real indicator of who you are and your character.

They’re people who throw pretty words with sharp, jagged edges; then they’re the people who receive those words (who also choose whether to reciprocate) and then there’s the lasting effect.

The hand that holds the stone can be withdrawn, however the mouth that secretes acid words unto another cannot be salvages especially if it persists on inflicting damage.

Some people never change their words no matter how much help the universe sends them…for they are eternally stuck in a cycle of crude display of animosity and resentment.

A rotten mouth is an indication of a rotting mind…too far gone for redemption? You are the master of your choices!

Here are a few quick tips on protecting your mind from negativity and naysayers:

-When someone says something hurtful, we can’t wave a wand and dissolve its effect on our minds, we can reduce its effect on us. We have to constantly inundate our minds with positive  books, CDS, webinars, mentorship and definitely through association.

Choose your books, CDS and other growth tools selectively. There’s a lot of stuff out there so it’s important to be able to know what areas you need help, growth or healing in and act on it immediately!

-Stay away (as much as you can) from hurtful, volatile folks. If you allow negativity and hurt into your life, then you empower bolder negativities, deeper more abrasive wounds. Sometimes honesty is the best policy and standing against any form of bullying is a necessity to our mental sanity and longevity of joy.

If someone in your life keeps throwing barbs at you, then you need to tell them how you feel about their words. Tell them clearly, directly and as respectfully as you can that you do not appreciate it and want them to stop immediately.

If it still persists, what can I tell you? You should know by now what to do with naysayers.If all else fails you can tell them to take a flying leap or hide in bushes and watch (Just kidding, I think).

-Have a good laugh! There’s isn’t anything funnier or gives me more pleasure than when people try to discredit what I do to empower themselves. Hey if anyone has to leech off of you to feel good about their dead pan lives, then gracefully entertain them.

Never allow another person(S) words or actions to be a determining factor on the choices you make. Whatever space it takes up in your mind, you must find a way to refill that space with positive thoughts.

Tough people always win!! Remember as a society we are constantly feeding below the neck, however feeding above the neck will set you free and create success in your life.

If you continue to do what you do right now then you will not have a mindset that defies all boundaries and attain every conceivable dream you possess. You must be willing to do whatever it takes and then some!

You too can have a great mindset because:

“Everyone has oceans to fly if they have the heart. Is it reckless? Yes!! But what do dreams know of boundaries?”–Amelia Earhart

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photo credit: Pensive via photopin (license)

Not For The Faint Of Heart…

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