I listen and observe people solemnly, nonetheless with much attention and thought. We all want the great life; though sometimes we compromise on the things we need to do to accomplish this lifestyle.

The great life not only alludes to the attainment of material wealth, but it encompasses all aspects of happiness like; family, relationships and great health. What is life worth if we were to only possess only one or two aspects of the great life?

I say, decide to make this an outrageous year! “Outrageous?” you say? Yes, not with drama; with total commitment to your dreams and aspirations! Adopt a 212 degree attitude, a round the clock, don’t give a flip about naysayers and the “stuff” that tends to hold us back!

Let’s just stop the wishing, the wanting and commence the accomplishing. Have you ever observed the attitude of great achievers? Truth be told, they’re totally outrageous!

How about Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Oprah, Bill Gates? Do you believe they ever faltered? I’m sure they did, however I will say their attitudes were always consistent. Make a commitment to be happy!

Make a commitment to live like today is your best day and let that attitude reflect through you! Remember, you can reshape your world through your vision.

No one will attract any victory with a Luke warm attitude. It’s ok to be overly excited, fanatical even about your dreams! Those traits are the precious pearls that build schools, hospitals, airplanes and undertake seemingly insurmountable feats.

A dream has to be encased in the mind before it even makes its entry into this world. Start living your greatest life today. When the world whispers about your insane dreams behind your back, stare it in the face and shout out your beliefs!

Here are a few tips on being outrageous in 2016:

Stick to those goals NO MATTER WHAT!

Goals are meant to be achieved, not just be set. Stop resetting those goals and decide that this year is yours.


There’s a battle going on and it exists in the mind. The biggest beef you’ll ever have is always going to be with yourself. Learn to love the man in the mind and lead him to his greatest conquer ever!

Be Fanatical

Lead your life with edge. It’s ok to go all out. If your mission really matters to you, then your attitude needs to be congruent with your vision and dreams. Often we set big dreams, but are efforts are so minimal that it’ll take us an eternity and then some to get there.

Let Those Frijoles Burn!

If you’ve ever watched That 70’s Show then you remember the hilarious Kelso played by Ashton Kutcher. He was infamous for his “Burns.”

Ever since I saw a can of Goya beans, I’m convinced Frijoles doesn’t mean beans. It sounds like a name for naysayers, so go ahead tell your frijoles to burn! As funny as it sounds, you have to let your naysayers burn and watch you succeed. Refuse to fall victim to their taunts and jabs.




Why So Serious?

Be focused, but enjoy the process. Decide to be approachable, likeable, bold, full of life and leadership worthy.



Turn off the T.V!!

Don’t get me wrong I love a good movie; bits and pieces of it, half of it or the whole thing! Most people will have more time if they’re not investing so much time leaving a dent on their couches. Most news is regurgitated news. Believe me, you’re not missing anything! The people in the box are achieving their dreams! Are you a spectator or a player? Become a player! (and remember I said player not playa).

Make an Investment Instead

Here’s what you do with the extra T.V time; you work towards your goals by either growing your business, skill or talent. Read a book that grows you, watch a video, audio or do your affirmations (post coming soon!)

Stop Being Charming

I mean it’s pretty to be charming…a mentor of mine once said after two minutes of talking to anyone charm dissipates. Talk to people out of your comfort zone; learn about their mindset, work ethic and approach to life. Having a vision and achieving that vision means that you must have something of value to share.




Get Great at Being Action Savvy

It’s commendable that you know things, however become savvy at doing more. When you speak in theory about your process, DO that process! Become the expert doer, walk the talk, let your actions be your voice. Savvy?




Let this year be your year of fight! let be your most outrageously successful yet!

C.T.A: did you like this post? Because I sure enjoyed writing it! It would be greatly appreciated if you like and shared it on your social networks! How about any additions? How will you make this year outrageously awesome?



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How To Be Outrageous And Succeed!

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    Very good tips! Loved the post! Keep up the great work.


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