Today, finding one’s passion is a rarity. Starting at birth we are told how to act, when to act and when we come of age we are directed to areas of study that only leaves feelings of uncertainty.

I remember starting college and not knowing what to study and what direction to take my life. There was a certain set of topics or areas of study to choose from and nothing spoke to my heart.

You maybe be in the same position; perhaps you’ve already studied and started your career and nothing appeals to you. Perhaps thousands of dollars later you regretfully now realize you’re miserable in your career or business and you need, no require change!

Here are actionable steps to finding your passion:

Great at; love to do! Ask yourself; “what is the one thing that I’m great at, that I absolutely love to do?” Perhaps you love to dance, you’re great at it, but you’ve never thought to make a profession of it.

Perhaps, you’re a marketing manager who’s had enough of corporate politics and now have decided to reclaim your life. You can, now’s the time! Go for it!

Ask others. Ask your friends and family their opinion on what areas they believe you excel. Be sure to ask the friends and family that want the very best for you! Also, once they’ve given you an answer, be sure to ask them if they would pay for a product or service should you provide it.

Research…you. The problem with finding a passion is most of us are unknown to ourselves. We are riddled with life, its challenges and the myriad of responsibilities thrown our way. Sit down with yourself, grab a pen and paper, draw two circles, label them circle of life one and two.

In C1 (circle one) write all the things that you do that matter to you and the things that you don’t do or maybe not able to that matters. In C2, write all of the things that you do that doesn’t matter to you and the things that matter, but given another choice would choice to eliminate those things.
Need I say more? The words you write will speak volumes to you! Do the right thing and follow that voice in your own head.

Objects be gone! If money or time were no object, what would you be doing right now? What would you do every day for the rest of your life? See, when the largest objects in your life are removed you are free mentally and emotionally to do what your heart desires. Make your objections reasons not excuses why you can’t follow your passion.

Alignment. Write your ideal life in one sentence. Write the life you live right now in one (almost certainly long) sentence. Do they align? If they don’t, we’ve got some work to do, however it’s never too late to readjust and affirm. This eye opening exercise will show you truth…literally!

Say no fear, do no fear. Maybe you have a good life, perhaps you’ve worked hard to create that life, but you’re unfulfilled. Fear can cripple our life and make a vegetable out of it! I think most people dread going six feet under with fight, passion and dreams left in our hearts. Stop speaking the things you fear!

Can I tell you the truth? It does not exist! Only in your mind, though the more you think it, the more it becomes real. Do no fear…let not the actions that are fear driven drive your life into an unending ditch! Instead, drive through your fear and face it with gusto and determination. Do you believe you were made to be average, mediocre? NO! you, the only you to ever live, were made to be great!

Test run. Create a blog, do a few videos and take steps to market your passion based on the research you’ve done. Share your posts on your social sites and let your email and phone contacts know. Be sure to ask for their opinion on how well you did and recommendations for improvement.

Live with passion. Die with passion. When it’s finally time to go, I hope you are 110% fulfilled with your decisions, actions and the direction of your life. The timing has never been better for you and me! It’s NOW!

Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing-Hunter.S Thompson

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How To Find And Follow Your Passion

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