Following a post I recently did entitled, “Overcoming Annoyances, Frustrations and Stress” I found that this was a challenge many face and continue to…A lot of you reached out to me with your concerns, so I’ve decided to do a follow up post. Hope it helps!

Are you a ticking time bomb just waiting for the right moment, the appropriate opportunity to blow? The challenge really stems from something we’ve had for all our lives that probably never gets changed, cleaned or fixed.

Think about it; we clean our bodies, our hair, our mouth and teeth, our homes, our cars, but what of our minds? When do we ever do spring cleaning of the mind?

There’s a garbage dump on the Turnpike here in Florida and every time I drive past it I feel as though that despicable smell will permeate my body and invade my senses. Just the same, imagine your mind instantaneously inputting everything you’ve ever experienced.

Think of your experiences, thoughts and feelings never receiving clarification or never being filtered for optimal performance. If you hurt your back, break a rib, finger or any other part, your body has to go through a process of therapy, recovery and healing.

What of the mind? When do we ever ease the accumulation of burdens in the mind?

The mind is forgotten when it comes to care, because of this I call it the original regurgitator. Your mind will regurgitate your values, belief system and thought process in some shape or form. It will reveal you to those around you. The mind is your master!

Think of a mind that’s easily tempered…A traumatic experience may have prompted that mind to become temperamental, perhaps by association it has become angry and frustrated because that’s all it has known.

Whatever the reasons, now is the moment to liberate your mind and let it only regurgitate emotions that serve you well.

Here are a few key steps that’ll help:

Recognition. Recognize whether your emotions are good or bad and who they affect. There was a recent story in the news that showed Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon having a mental breakdown. The video showed Anjali starting a scuffle, yanking and pulling her Uber driver and throwing his paperwork out of the car.

Sadly, she didn’t know that she was being taped and now she’s a suspended doctor. She has since issued a genuine apology to her family and friends asking forgiveness.

Ask yourself; who do negative emotions serve? If you become irate will you feel good after and will the actions of becoming an upset, out of control, shouting, screaming mess ever be a solution? Then, why do we?

Knowing alone is never enough. We all know what’s good for us. For a lot of you this isn’t new news! To be empowered, to experience change you have to do! You must take personal responsibility for your life and those around you. Think of it; is your behavior, your sporadic emotions only affecting you?

If you have kids then everything you do or say will be their imprint. You will be their imprint!

Have you Perfected adulthood by faking it? We do it constantly; we tell our kids lies are bad, bad behavior leads to bad habits and bad habits become our life cycle. If this is so bad, why do we do these things?




I recently heard that adulthood was pretending we liked people we hated, being nice to people we couldn’t stand and generally constructing a personality worth a Grammy.

If lying, manipulating and embellishing have become your strong suit, enough is enough!! I was recently in conversation and realized I was being lied to and needless to say I was appalled. I couldn’t believe the embellished, fancied, beautified lied I was being fed.

News flash; even if and when you manipulate, lie and construct dreadful fairytales, people notice and they see you for who you truly are…you have done them a favor and revealed the façade of you.

The world needs more people who exemplify compassion, empathy and love. Give it freely since it is free!

The next time you are itching to embellish, lie or inflict conflict stop, think of your actions and if a positive outcome will be derived from your actions go ahead.

Captain and Crew. The captain and crew is a principle taught by Gerry Robert, the author of The Millionaire Mindset. If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you know I’m huge on affirmations. I have one simple action step for you. Instead of only saying your affirmations, I want you to also write them out every single day.

What this does is it reaffirms what you speak and it seeps into your subconscious mind. We all have a conscious and subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is billions of times more powerful than the conscious, however the conscious absolutely controls it!

Your subconscious mind is working overtime to bring to fruition whatever you have told it…

Here’s an example of what to do and what to tell it:


  • It must be done in your handwriting every day for ninety days
  • It must be kept in an easily accessible, visible area (wallet, pocket, purse)
  • If you miss a day you have to start over at day one
  • Everyday circle one affirmation and do an action step towards it

Here’s an example of what to say and write:

I’m a winner

I’m a champion

I’m bold

I’m sharp

I control my emotions and they positively serve me!

Small servings of healthy foods satisfy me!

I’m a money making machine and everything I touch turns to gold!

That’s it period!

You can make it as specific as you need it to be, just keep in mind that it has to be written in the present tense and with absolute certainty to be effective.

John Maxwell talks about the story of the turkey and the bull in his book 360 Degree Leader. It goes a little something like this; A turkey and a bull encountered each other and the turkey told the bull that he needed to get to the top of a tree to sample the delicious fruit but he hasn’t been able to climb that high thus far.

The bull told the turkey that he could nibble his dung a bit every day and that would give him the strength and nutrients to climb the tree. The turkey nibbled and devoured the bull’s dung every day and little by little the turkey nibbled his way to the top and enjoyed the delicious fruit.

The moral of the story? To get to the top, you’ll have to nibble quite a bit of B.S, but it’s totally worth it because the fruit of your labor will be sweet.

The same can be said for life! The way you differentiate yourself, the way you get a great grasp on your emotions is by deciding to do and then physically doing the action steps that make you better.

Faith alone is never enough, what you do daily to reiterate faith makes it work!

C.T.A: Did you like this post? How about any additions? How and why did you lose control of your emotions and what did you do to create a positive outcome? Let us know in the comment section below. I’d really appreciate it if you liked and shared this post on your social networks.


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How To Overcome The Emotions That Get The Best Of You

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