Spiders are some of the most feared and venomous insects. I remember as child being particularly terrified of tarantulas. If I saw one anywhere I thought it was pointedly looking at me and it was poised to attack.

Interestingly enough I never liked that part in “The Lord of The Rings” where Frodo gets taken, wrapped and prepped to be eaten by “gigantor” the spider, that’s what I call it!

Did you know that spider venom is used to save millions of lives from starvation? Yes! According to; The Institute for Creation Research, we lose many crops that are used for consumption via insects.


Unfortunately, pesticides are extremely expensive as well as harmful to the environment and to us as a species. It’s much more cost effective and smart to spray crops with spider venom. Spider venom does the job completely and without detrimental effects to the crops.

On the other hand spider silk has various purposes as well. For example, it can be used to heal cuts and scrapes. states that, “spider silk can be stronger than a thread of steel in equal thickness but extremely flexible.”┬áThis is why it’s used for bandaging and uniquely increases the healing process.

You like the spider may have potentially venomous traits…dare I ask; is that what you highlight? See I mention the spider because when we think spider; we think poisonous, we think death. But when we look closer we see the spider has great purpose!

My little friend said that to fascinate means, “to attract and hold attentively by unique power, personal charm, unusual nature, or some other special quality.”

I like to use the saying, “what a tangled web we weave” but only for the purpose of absolute positive in this case. I’m encouraging you to tangle your ideal friends, clients or man or woman in your web of fascination!

Have you ever “deprived anyone of resistance, bewitched” another? How, do you ask? Have you ever noticed the personality that holds the room at any given party or get together? What is it that sets them a part from the others?

To be fascinating, you must become fascination itself…Any person who possesses the powers of fascination is above all else unique, confident in self, and has mastered the art of being most genuine to one’s self.


The first thing a person of fascination does is he knows when to boldly make eye contact and when to avert the eyes. After all, the eyes are the window to the soul or so they say.

For instance, when you meet a potential client at a networking event, a firm, dry ( I say this with deep emphasis) handshake coupled with honest, direct eyes goes a long way.

To fascinate means to make consistent investments in others…to go beyond the call of duty, to stun through servitude…always ask yourself what can I do to the benefit of others?

To serve others means you must extract your own selfish needs. You must think for the purpose of the greater good of others…not yours.

I attended a networking event a few months ago and at the end of the evening I was approached by a businessman who wanted to find out what possessed me to meet every business at that event.

In short, he wanted to know why I spent 2-3 hours shaking everyones hands and making conversation all the while maintaining a pleasant demeanor.

Well, I’m not a networking virgin. I’ve been at it for a while. I realized a long time ago that I would never do business with many of those folks, however I could make an impact in their businesses or lives.

Perhaps, I could make a connection for them and yes any acts of kindness are always reciprocated most often not in that moment, definitely in the future!

To be fascination breathes intent. The fascinator never does anything without intent because he realizes everything he does has to be purposeful. To live with intent means to throws caution to the wind, intent pilots the mission and everywhere he goes he exudes an aura that draws others in because intent is obvious!

Stagnancy is no friend of fascination. To blossom into the web of fascination all stagnancy must annihilated. The only way to attack, battle and win the fight against inertia is through action. Whether it be, to read a book, to become the book or to listen to the wisdom of tongues. Action is and will always be; a necessity.

The fascinator finds absolute contentment in his quirks. In fact, he shows his truth in the way he lives and honors himself. If you’re creative, eccentric and/or a difference maker, be you.

No one will ever be a better you than you will…

Never compromise your values, your sense of dignity to be accepted, to be loved. If you’re to be successful, loved and accepted it will be done when you are most true to yourself. When you become fascination you become the truth you seek.

C.T.A Did you like this post? It would be greatly appreciated if you liked and shared this post with your friends and families. How about any additions? How do you fascinate? Do you believe you can harness the powers of fascination?

photo credit: Matthew 11:6 via photopin (license)

photo credit: Flappy neighbourhood Spider-Man via photopin (license)

Your Web of Fascination

2 thoughts on “Your Web of Fascination

  • January 11, 2016 at 6:12 pm

    This is deep! “The only way to attack, battle and win the fight against inertia is through action. Whether it be, to read a book, to become the book or to listen to the wisdom of tongues. Action is and will always be; a necessity.” I love this and need to post this on my bathroom mirror. Like always, great job!

  • January 13, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    Thank you for your continuous support! You’ve made my day!


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