For all intents and purposes integrity has never been described as crazy or sexy, until now!

Over the years, I’ve had quite a bit of experiences that are lacking in integrity and accountability. Needless to say, it is my biggest pet peeve! The thing that really gets me is when I’m told that something will get done and it never does or when I’m presented with a personal and/or professional persona that’s never lived up to.

Integrity and accountability has everything to do with the smooth running of all relationships, whether it’s business or personal relationships.

According to Google, Integrity is described as, “the quality of being whole and undivided.” Accountability on the other hand is, “of a person, organization, or institution required or expected to justify actions or decisions.”

In my most humble and accurate opinion, being accountable is having integrity and vice versa.

I had an experience this week of being absolutely appalled by a rather risqué social media profile and I couldn’t help, but think we’ve gone backwards as a society.

The things that were once frowned upon are now displayed with pride and with an absolute disregard for anyone who could be negatively influenced by bad behavior.

We definitely need more role models who are willing to do the right thing even if they mess up because no one is perfect. It is often the people that are most imperfect that are able to redeem themselves and be great examples!

When I think of companies, I feel that customer relations are a harrowing and dwindling tale. Companies now hire any help and any help can be mediocre help…there’s an absolute disconnect when it comes to earning customer loyalty and leaving a lasting impression.

When it comes to our relationships with friends and families some of us may have fantastic relationships and some of us may not! I call it the hamster wheel relationships.

You’re on that wheel, your relationships aren’t working out well so you keep running the wheel…changing friends, changing partners and it’s tiring, it’s stressful and it darn right counterproductive for your life!

I was watching an episode on the OWN network and Oprah addressed a question about negative people being in our lives especially when we’re intricately tied to those relationships specifically familial relationships and close friends.

Oprah went on to say that the moment you continue to allow those forces to guide your life you have to claim responsibility! It is no longer their fault, you’ve got to step back and say, “wait a minute, I’m allowing these negative energies in my life.

Crazy, sexy integrity ought to be leveraged for your life, business and growth!!

Google states that anything crazy is “off the cuff” and “extremely enthusiastic.” Sexy can be described as, “exciting, stimulating, interesting, appealing, intriguing, provocative, and my personal favorite; red hot!”

How would you like every aspect of your life and business to be red hot, appealing, and profitable?

So crazy, sexy, integrity equates to anything off the cuff, intriguing, appealing, profitable and wholesomely good that serves you and others well!

I was reminded this week by my girlfriend’s daughter that our heroes are often and always human. The quality that appeals to success in business, relationships and life is always faultful (FYI not a real word, my creation) not flawless. Go ahead, you too can be flawsome (having flaws and being awesome). The redeeming quality is always how you re-motivate and renew your relationships.

Crazy, sexy…integrity comes with an important edge and it’s not a competitive edge! It’s a compassion edge, it’s serving edge, and it’s signature presence edge!

The moment you feel that anyone is treating you the way they’re treating you because of you is the moment that you’re probably wrong…it’s always a reflection of them. This is one instance where you use the compassion edge to serve you! Reach out genuinely. Many times a smile, a hug and a simple word of kindness goes a long way!

Servitude will benefit you when you cease to look into you and you look to everything beyond you! No matter what I’ve had to do, I’d do it all again!

The signature presence edge is found in that person who walks into the room and before a word leaves her lips she captivates those before her because everyone can tell that she knows something they need to know!!

It’s that person who’s stunning, eloquent, exquisite and flawsome because they possess that off the cuff edge, that intriguing quality and that wholesomeness that we all want.

Here are some quick tips on gaining signature presence in your life:

  • Grow yourself at every opportunity and seek to grow in the areas you’re overcoming. So for example, if being a people person is an area you’d like to improve, then read books, listen to audios, podcasts and webinars and put yourself in the position to socialize and build new connections.
  • Associate with people who are at your level and above. The best people to learn from are the ones that live life the way you desire to live your life. Surprisingly enough, successful people are often more willing to guide us than we think.
  • Make tangible changes in your mindset. I believe it was Gandhi who said when we change the way we think, we change the way we live! I’ll also add, change the way you treat others and watch the way you’re treated because the way we treat all our relationships clearly will reflect your growth!

Bring these qualities to all your relationships, your business, your life and let it lead you to success! Your relationships deserve integrity and accountability and you do as well!

Still need clarification? Crazy, sexy integrity really brings a classy, modest and provocative edge to all of your relations. Remember, provocation and being red hot isn’t about being wild and uncouth, it’s about positively provoking a response, it about shifting mindsets to see every aspect of life in a whole new light…  Push the envelope and do the things that are missing from business and relationships! You’ll be sure to set yourself apart!

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Crazy, Sexy…Integrity

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