Imagine bars; immoveable, ice cold, fiery hot, covered in piercing spears, all invisible, all there…in your mind. The mind is many things, isn’t it? I’ve felt it before and I’ve seen what happens when it becomes your prison, you its prisoner.

It starts off as a simple detention center that welcomes fleeting thoughts of pain, moments of defeat, torture, belligerent internal banter that plagues and pesters. You may shoo it away momentarily, but it returns with a vengeance gnawing at your wounds.

How do you destroy those bars, how do you get past the ultimate attack on the progression of your life? Have you allowed your mind to be your cripple? Are you limping, dragging, decapitated by the mental insecurities self-imposed and/or other imposed?

I remember years ago when I was only nine or ten years old. I was at my aunt’s house with my cousin. One of my aunt’s friends came over and she looked at my cousin and she said, “You’re beautiful, you look just like your mom” and then she looked at me with a smirk on her face and said, “you look nothing like yours.”

It had bothered me for a while as a child and in hindsight I realize what a frijole she was being. Read my post, How To Be Outrageous And Succeed! and find out why I’m calling her a bean!

Like me, many of you have gathered insults and snippets of the axe that may cut you down.

You are building and quietly sharpening the axe that chops at you. Will you become destroyed? Is it sharp enough? Are you living in quiet desperation?

How can one leave behind and crush the bars that have held us in for too long? Has it been far too long that you’ve allowed people to play mind games with you? Are you letting your spouse, your parents, your friends, or strangers throw daggers while you frantically grasp the edges of your life?

Are the bars backing you into the corner? Is it around your throat? Are you losing your air?

Here’s how you escape that prison a free man or woman:

Realize and reiterate your worth! When you know your worth, others can often tell that you value yourself and you indirectly ward off bullies.

Get a tape recorder and speak your worth. Say it the way you mean it! Mean it the way you say it!Put your worth on rewind! Listen to it as often as possible but at least three times a day.

Capitalize on the powers of reading and association. Your self-image is the sum total of the books you read and the people you hang around. So if you hang around Jim and Jim has nothing nice to say to you or others and has no direction in life then you might be on your way to becoming Jim’s clone.

Don’t let the tail wag the dog, the dog wag’s the tail. Negative can leave your mind and life in shambles. Do not be pulled in the mental rut. If you are there already, hostile action is needed.

Gently, but effectively allow yourself to love again, heal, and cut off the morbidity that has held you there. Every time that thought creeps into your mind, stop yourself and redirect your thinking. The only way to redirect your thinking is to focus on a higher power.

Take risks. Stop playing it safe; stop playing with your life!! Do the very things that push the envelope on your life. Do the very things that will diminish the bars holding you hostage. Like Les Brown says, “ain’t nobody gonna sing your song. Ain’t nobody gonna write your book.”

Leave love notes and things. Leave love notes and things for yourself! If you have no love for yourself, your love barrel is empty and you have none left for others. Respecting your mind and body is honoring you; give yourself a moment to breathe, relax and recuperate.

Leave notes that show why you are loved by you and others. Leave them in places high and low, that you may be surprised to find a note of kind words in the bottom of your sock drawer. After all, who are you to expect others to love you if you refuse to love yourself?

Perhaps even the act of improving the way you dress, your hair and your posture improves your disposition, which in turn calms any tumultuous emotions and creates a force field of positive aura around you.

Date yourself. Negativity isn’t only what you say as much as it’s how you are…do you honestly, unflinchingly, without a doubt, fear or uncertainty, know your makeup? Be certain of the man or woman lurking in your mind.

Solidify what you like, dislike, welcome and chase. If you’re suddenly awaken in the middle of the night and asked, “Who are you?” Be able to assertively answer without pause or breath in between.

Love your imperfections. The best part of knowing yourself is not perfecting yourself, but becoming the best you! Understand that you will never become perfection nor does perfection want to become you…

Our imperfections are what make us real, the very aspects that instill humanity. Our imperfections helps us to place our feet in others shoes. It stops us in our tracks and insists upon forgiveness, redemption and healing. Start today…NOW is your time!

C.T.A: did you like this post? How about any additions? How do you alleviate and eliminate your mental bars? I’d really appreciate it if you like, share and comment! Thank you in advance!!

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Escaping Your Mental Prison

2 thoughts on “Escaping Your Mental Prison

  • February 2, 2016 at 11:07 am


    You’ve done it, again! Excellent post with great points to practice. Another great way for me to escape my mental prison is to not think about my mental prison. I, often, think about Nelson Mandela, and how he managed to maintain his sanity, while caged like an animal for twenty seven years! Not only that, but to be realeased and continue such a phenomenal legacy until the day he died. It was almost like he was never imprisoned. I think with him, he knew the cause was so much bigger than himself. You have to peer outside of those prison bars to see what’s taking place in the world around you. Take the focus off of yourself and see how you can help others. Then you won’t have time to focus on what’s hurting you. If you don’t focus on it, chances are you won’t feel the pain. Thoughts?

    • February 2, 2016 at 6:25 pm

      Yes!! I agree, sadly many are so intricately wrapped up in our mental prisons that all else evades us. This is the reason why I do what I do; when I focus on others I have little time to be trapped, to self deprecate…If I tell you not to think of a crazy dancing monkey after midnight, every time you try not to think of it, the more the monkey dances!
      Our mental challenges are much the same…we can try not to magnify it, but unconsciously, subconsciously we make it the center of our lives instead of the insignificance that it is


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