There’s a difference between the person who casually builds his business and life and The Red Hott Entrepreneur. The red hott entrepreneur has the kind of qualities that we all want to possess.

Here are some of the traits of the red hott entrepreneur:

Predictable Habits are a key indicator of such an individual. Great habits make them! Great habits aren’t a cake walk, but always a necessity.

Reading and serving are some of the ways to add value and to give value. When it’s four in the morning and he’s about to drop from exhaustion, but knows he needs to read, the red Hott business owner will do it even if he has to stand on his head to stay awake! Vice versa the red hott entrepreneur doesn’t just show up, he makes himself known by doing, investing in others and becoming an integral part of his team and relationships.

Presence. Whoever she graces with her presence always desires to get to know her and gain nuggets of wisdom because it’s obvious she grows herself.

 Brand. The red Hott entrepreneur knows that his business isn’t his brand, he is the brand!

 Pull Influence, not push position. He’s not a positional leader who forces a facade of influence on his team members. This red Hott influencer possesses the impact that pulls people to his ideas, inventions and creativities.

-Becomes who he’s meant to be before he becomes the finished product. The average person is always waiting to become the finished product in order to become his ideal self, but the red Hott entrepreneur is already who he’s meant to be before he becomes the finished product.

Understands that it’s best to say, “You’re right” instead of being right! She understands the dynamics of relationships and seeks to preserve those precious bonds. Saying, “you’re right” is a fabulous diffuser when faced with tense situations.  

Is red Hott and calm simultaneously. The fire that burns in such a person NEVER dissipates, yet there’s always an aura of calm that’s a force field around his body and spirit. It’s not that he doesn’t get upset; rather that never becomes his point of focus.

Gets off his butt and keeps going! Listen, we all have setbacks and setups. What do you do when this happens? Do you mull over it again and again or do you get up just as the red hot entrepreneur will and keep going?

If you’re a red hot entrepreneur the flames that burn inside of you aren’t meant to be extinguished! You dreams aren’t meant to be quelled. What you do possess is the ability to go out there and battle for your dreams! Get it done!

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photo credit: Set Yourself on Fire via photopin (license)

The Red Hott Entrepreneur

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  • February 22, 2016 at 11:10 am

    This is good! So much to learn, here. Great advice to live by. Thanks!


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