Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all! In today’s day and age we are bombarded by the commercialization of Valentine’s Day. By the end of Christmas our stores have already discarded their Christmas trees, lights and reindeer for cuddly bears, chocolates and balloons galore…

The moment we switch the television on we are engulfed in the finest jewelry, fragrances and niceties that money can buy. This day is a thanksgiving in itself and the caveat to be aware of is this; while its thoughtful to give and receive gifts, gratitude can be expressed in innumerable ways.

I am an idealist at heart and can only confer that we have gotten away from the true meaning of Valentine’s and expressing gratitude. Yes gals, it’s wonderful to receive nice trinkets and to be wooed by our loved ones, but I believe this day should be an extension of gratitude everyday.

All of the things that sparkle and shine are great, but take the time to express gratitude to everyone and for every blessing in life. I’ve compiled some suggestions for expressing gratitude everyday and this will result in attracting gratitude in your life.

The Law of Attraction states that we will receive what we express to the universe and when it is done with sincerity, the universe has no choice but to reciprocate appropriately.

Start by taking 2-3 minutes every morning to express gratitude. It can be done in a quick moment of solitude or perhaps in meditation. If you’re very busy, take the time to get up a little bit earlier. You will find you will have a happier and more energetic day ahead of you.

Write down up to ten things you’re thankful for and blessed with. It does not have to be big things; it can be anything you wish it to be.

Start a journal of thanks to contemplate the moments of blessings throughout your day, week, month or life. This can be eye opening, as you start to list the things you will find that you have blessings abound.

Give your time to shelters for women, shelters for animals, perhaps collect canned goods for a food pantry or dedicate your time to any organization of your choice and if you have children that are old enough, include them in your feat.

Look for ways to do random acts of kindness. Perhaps you have a neighbor that can use some help or it maybe opening doors for the elderly or it can simply mean giving a kind word or compliment to someone. These seemingly insignificant acts of kindness are the little things that makes the biggest difference in the lives of others.

Sometime last year I was waiting in an office when a mother and daughter walked in; she begged the business owner for a job, even if it was cleaning the toilets! I honestly thought the business owner would’ve given her the thirty bucks she needed or let her earn it, but she immediately said that she couldn’t help her.

I was shocked and it took me a second to realize that I needed to serve…so I ran after her and her five year old and gave her all of the money in my purse, which was much more than thirty dollars.

The moment I gave her the money she broke down and genuinely thanked me for my help. This simple act was a blessing to me.

Get in the habit of sending thank you notes to loved ones, to anyone who has been kind, to your employees, associates or to your clients. Everyone likes to know that they’re appreciated and thought of. Don’t just write your name on the card or type a message, take the time to personalize your message. It can only be a line, but a line of kindness can be felt for years to come.

Send notes especially when someone is on your mind or when you know that someone could use that age old kind of thoughtfulness that never expires.

One of the notes I cherish is one from a close friend who had written me a random note just to say she appreciated our friendship. She didn’t just write a line, she tool the time to write a well thought out paragraph!

Start putting aside a little bit every week to give to anyone in need or to an organization of your choice. Just think, somewhere out there is someone who is hurting and you can make a difference.

Maybe you believe you don’t have anything to give. I want to urge you to write down all of your expenses for five days and check to see where your money is going. If you spend five dollars at Starbucks Monday through Friday, then over the course of a month that’s one hundred dollars and over the course of a year that’s twelve hundred dollars!!

Think of the good you can do by redirecting your spending power!

We all have busy lives, so surround yourself with the things you are most thankful for and perhaps place those things where you spend most of your time. For example on your desk at work, in your kitchen or any other place. It may be a short list on a sticky pad or a notecard or it maybe pictures or a collage on your computer as a constant reminder. Surrounding yourself with this level of thankfulness gives tranquility to our life like nothing else.

Set gratitude goals for yourself. We can call this “moments of thanks” we are yet to achieve. Let these moments fill your life to become moments of significant impact you can make in the lives of others.

Thank you to all of my families and friends who’ve supported me and who still do so in my pursuit of significance! Lots of love!

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Ways To Express Gratitude This Valentine’s Day And Everyday

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