Who are you? Why is what seems to be the simplest question, actually the most difficult to answer? Is it because it requires such a high level of honesty? Sure, you can answer by stating your name, age and gender.

However, regardless of how unique you think you are, somewhere in the world, someone has your same name, gender, and age. You even have a “twin”! You’ve probably met them face to face or have had people stop you in disbelief, because your physical resemblance is uncanny.

Sometimes, you may feel common, because there are so many people that possess qualities like yours. But, please don’t believe that hype! You are so much more than age, gender, race, religion, handicap or profession. You are you. No one in this world is all that you are.

Think about that. All that you are.  So when asked the question “Who are you?” I’d like you to dig deeper, to answer. What makes you, you? Maybe you haven’t thought about it on that level, so let me help you boost your thoughts on how to answer that question.

You are the sum total of your thoughts, words and actions. Yes, all three! With that being said, rethink that question. “Who are you?” What do the majority of your thoughts consist of? How do you speak, to yourself and others? And, to solidify your character, how do you act?

You can think about being kind and charitable, but if you don’t speak kind words to yourself (because it all begins with yourself) and others and you don’t selflessly give of your time and effort, are you truly a kind and charitable person? Remember, all three are needed to make your character real.

Are you a writer if you don’t write?

Are you a singer, if you don’t sing?

Are you a business owner, if you don’t continuously build your business?

Are you a republican/democrat if you don’t vote?

You may have the ability to do these things, and do them well, but what good is an ability if it’s not exercised?

Thinking is the first step to accomplishing something, but action is what drives it home and makes it real.

“Watch your thoughts. They become words. Watch your words. They become deeds. Watch your deeds. They become habits. Watch your habits. They become character. Character is everything.”    –Author Unknown

This is a time to be honest with yourself. Write down all of the ways/things you’d like to be or how you want to be remembered. Make a checklist. Can you honestly say that you, currently, possess these qualities?

Remember exercising a quality once or twice doesn’t qualify as being a part of your character. For instance, being on time for class the first day of fourth grade doesn’t make you punctual.

 “Watch your habits. They become character.” You do something twice, it is not a habit. The word habit, according to dictionary.com, is an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.

I have a certain vision of myself, which is great, but I had to really sit down and look at my past decisions and be honest. Have my choices in the past put me in a position that will take me where I want to go in the future?

Honestly, no. I was only doing part of the work, which was thinking and speaking in a certain way. Not bad, but those two actions, alone, wasn’t executing my goals.  I lacked action….consistent action!

Below I’ve listed a game plan of what to do if you’d like to work on your character development.

  1. Write down in detail the kind of person you’d like to be described as.
  2. Write a mission statement of yourself or a small bio, describing the best version of you. Paste it to your mirror and recite it in the morning before you begin your day and at night before you go to bed. You can even carry a small index card with the qualities you wish to possess, in your wallet and purse and repeat it, throughout the day.
  3. Create a vision board. If you want to look a certain way or accomplish certain things, find pictures that display that and post it somewhere you can see it, daily.
  4. Share your goals with a trusted friend that will be honest with you and tell you when you words and deeds aren’t congruent with one another.
  5. Every day write a to-do list that is comprised of something that forces you do something that personifies the character you are striving to be. It could something simple like, give someone a compliment, be kind to someone who wasn’t kind to you, adhere to a budget, replace junk food with a healthy snack, read, write, pray, whatever it is that will make you who and what you want to be!

We have one life to live and have more control of it, than we think. There is no reason why we cannot attain happiness and peace of mind, in this life. The only problem is that it doesn’t come free.

We have to pay for it by focusing and disciplining ourselves to allow positive growth, over time.  Remember the triad within you; your thoughts, your words and your actions, together that is who you are.

Thank you, for allowing me to share my soul with you. Here are some recommended books to help you with subject:

  1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  2. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
  3. The Science of Success by Wallace Wattles

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Tamika Lindsay is a small business owner, born and raised in New York City, currently residing in South Florida. She has been writing creatively since the age of seven. Her collection stems from short stories to poetry. She is currently writing a book of fiction for teens and has completed two children’s books that are currently in the publishing process. Tamika credits her main poetic influences to Langston Hughes and Edgar Allan Poe. She has recently begun venturing into the lyrical world of spoken word, song writing, and motivational speaking. Tamika hopes to combine her love of writing with her ability to motivate and inspire others on a global scale. Her dream is to have her words affect people that she will never meet, personally, in the most positive of ways.

photo credit: Reflect / Refract via photopin (license)

Who Are You? By Tamika Lindsay

3 thoughts on “Who Are You? By Tamika Lindsay

  • February 24, 2016 at 6:01 pm

    Nice work Tamika….You have put us in an uneasy place with you simple but profound question. Once we come to grips with the understanding that it is perfectly fine accepting who you are on earth. The mistakes and triumphs is what makes us unique. We are individually unique a special creation by the Supreme Being.

  • March 6, 2016 at 12:35 pm


    Thank you, for your feedback. You are, indeed, correct in your observation. I believe people are more concerned with their reputation, rather than their character. Your reputation is important, but it can be manipulated. Your character is who you are when no one is watching and when you, yourself, aren’t even paying attention.

  • March 21, 2016 at 12:56 pm

    Thank you again Tamika, for your thoughtful ways on how to see life better! I am very much looking forward to your next blog post!


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