“True self-discovery begins at the end of a comfort zone”- Adam Braun

Adam Braun’s story is an absolutely significant one! Adam has turned his ancestors’ morbid demise into the reason to live a life of purpose and passion. Visit his world changing foundation (www.pencilsofpromise.org) to get his entire story.

Your why does not have to be world changing and/or revolutionary. It must be specific to you! Not so long ago my why and purpose was to make as much money as possible to pay the bills…I had to contribute to paying the rent on our attic, we had to eat, pay our utilities and other expenses…and at seventeen life became real very fast…

I remember seeing the most beautiful, blinding, heaven-sent lights as the airplane hit the runway. I couldn’t believe it, I was finally here, finally here to live my dreams. I was seventeen at the time, innocent and not having seen or experienced much of life.

Having grown up in a small rural community up till that point, my world view not only expanded, but exploded with culture shock.

I grew up for most of my life drawing dreams in the sand, lying on the ground and staring into the clouds, peering into the world beyond and giving my heart to what was to come. I remember going to my grandma’s house (I call her Agee) and to my cousins who lived next door to her.

There were many days, weekends, and precious moments spent biting into juicy mangoes, not having a care in the world…floating along the Pomeroon river in a boat, leaning back and peering into the sky and carving my dreams. I knew my dreams waited patiently beyond the sky for my arrival.

Even back then I could feel it in my heart, I could see it…It was just out of reach at the time.

Those were some of the happy moments and there were sad ones too. Yes, there are memories I wish to wipe from my mind, memories that haven’t been privy to anyone. But such is life…and prevail we must!

I moved from probably a less than 1200 sqaurefoot  home to an attic in Queens, N.Y. I think I had vertigo for the first three days while my body became acclimated. It was September and having only been accustomed to rain and sunshine every day of my life, it was freezing to me.

I desperately needed to find a job so my parents and I walked along Liberty Avenue in Queens going into all of the offices and asking if they had job openings. Five days after I arrived, I walked into a home care agency and the owner asked if I spoke English well and if I could speak well on the phone.

I quickly mentioned that I had a distinction in English and I was hired on the spot. I worked seven days a week and the harsh reality of life hit me…bills, stress, little to no sleep, the pressures of performing well and giving my all.

At one point in time I worked in the Fordham, Bronx office. The office was located in an echoing, almost desolate army building. Every day I had a four hour commute and I was the only person in that office and the doors remained locked at all times.

I interacted with everyone through a thick bullet proof glass. It was then I realized I needed change; I needed to move on…

I had gotten away from my purpose and my why for a while. I had allowed myself to become utterly consumed with being busy with life and all the while I was missing why I am. 

Busy, being true to its name means just that, it certainly doesn’t mean productive. Busy has become a plague on society, hasn’t it?

If you allow busy to permeate your mind, to crawl into every crevice of your life, you’ll find yourself stressed, out of sorts, tired, slipping into the monotony of life and moving further away from your purpose and why.

Today, I can honestly say that I’m blessed to have my experiences. I’ve become the person I am through the good and not so good times.

I now own my life, I’m my own boss. I’m a work in progress and I constantly work on myself! I keep my purpose at the center of my life and I allow that purpose to fuel my journey. There’s so much more to come and I’m ecstatic to share my mission with the world.

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Finding Your Why
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