For months now this topic has been on my mind and it’s bothered the heck out of me! We’ve become so conditioned to slip into, slumber in and perpetuate negativity in our lives that it’s become our norm.

We even claim that we know what we should do and yes we do, but how often do we put into practice the things we know?

Back in college I was an English major and foreshadowing in any work meant the author used indicators to share what was to come in the story. In our lives negative foreshadowing refers to speaking and thinking negatively, which then eventually becomes our reality.

I interact with tons of people and the thing that’s prominent in their speech pattern is continuously speaking the very things they do not want. Good and bad things happen to all of us, but for some of us the bad becomes our main focus and because it becomes our main focus it affects our attitude, our mindset and our very lives!

Seriously, it can be the most minuscule of things that we continuously speak in the negative and many of us know that we shouldn’t and yet we still do so…

Instead, I’d like to assert that when we do not implement, we truly do not know! It is simply knowledge on ice!

Here are examples of speaking what you want instead of what you have to combat negativity:

Instead of, “I have a cold or I’m so sick!”

Say either, “I had a cold or I’m overcoming”

Instead of, “My day is totally ruined!”

Say, “My day is getting better and better!”

Instead of, “I have a headache or I feel one coming on”

Say, “I had a headache, I’m overcoming a headache” or my favorite “I feel incredible!”

Instead of, “I’m not smart, I’m a loser or I don’t have what it takes”

Say (and shout it to the skies!), “I’m a winner, I’m champion and I’m made for greatness! I have whatever it takes and I make things happen! That’s it period!!”

I have used the spoken word to positively change my mindset and my life! You can too! Does it take effort? Of course, anything worth doing does. Start creating the speech patterns and thought patterns that’ll create the life you’ll soon have!

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How To Get Past Negative Foreshadowing & The “I Know It Syndrome”

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