Happiness is as precious as a rare diamond and as necessary as a mother to the bond with her child. If we allow the pins and needles of life to prick us and leave its punctures on our hearts and minds, we will become overwhelmed and overcome with unhappiness.

Unhappiness… spreads as fast as an out of control cold if we allow it to spread from person to person, home to home. It’s so easy to BECOME the boulder holding us down…to become the weight and the wait in our lives.

More often than not, we’ll find folks looking for a magic pill or some ultimate solution to their heartache, social dilemma and financial disarray.

I often meet people and those in my life as well that believe that no action coupled with spiritual awareness will somehow trigger a reaction from the universe and ultimately a divine interruption will lead to the destruction of any challenges.

The universe or God or any other spiritual power comes to fruition only through genuine action, never through praying and begging in vein. You will always be blessed when equipped. You will see the fruits of your mindset and labor with diligence, patience and consistency.

Happiness is the heart of clarity, inner peace, attracting the right people and situations and the force for dispelling any evils from your life.

At the heart of a happy man lies a dream…the process of accomplishing a dream or worthwhile goal is the factory of happiness. Happiness dwells with the believer!

You must believe  that attaining happiness isn’t a challenge, but an easy, attainable triumph. It isn’t the sharpest fall or the steepest cliff or specific to some people. It’s a free emotional commodity that is essential for your life, love and business.

Think about it; it’s often the precious pearls that are free that are tossed aside. Happiness, faith, belief and hope are all free, but severely underused and abused.

If unhappiness has secured its claws into your life, here’s what you do:

-Realize that you’re no junk! You were made for greatness and you deserve to be happy!

-Understand that happiness can be your routine, it can be your practice. Try something as simple as smiling with everyone you meet and finding one nice thing to say to them. Do it everyday for the next two weeks.

-Happiness requires FAITH and faith requires ACTION. When we think happiness, we think our progress has to be gigantic. In reality, even the tiniest step is a step closer. Maybe your happiness can be found in taking five minutes out of your day to reflect on all of the things you can be thankful for and writing them down. Perhaps you can create a happiness reminder list!

-Unhappiness deserves a kick out of your life! Violent, mental or otherwise…take your size thirteen or six and a half (that’s mine) and deliver that kick with pride! You’ve got to know your worth, tell it, shout it to unhappiness and show it the exit…to your life!

-To be happy, there needs to be a mental shift and a physical shift. You can’t ONLY think good things and tell yourself you’re happy…You have to ACT your way in that direction! If you don’t want poor finances, but that’s what you have, then you’ve got to speak only what you want! No it’s not easy, but it becomes easy when you think it, speak it out loud, write it on paper and post it everywhere and act like everything you touch turns to gold!

-STOP sabotaging your happiness by returning to old patterns! You can’t speak that you’ll live life a certain way and continue doing the very same things over and over. You can’t quit drinking, but still hang out every weekday or weekend with your old drinking buddies. Guess what? You’ll probably revert back to old habits.

For example, I’m very careful about what goes into my noggin. I made a decision this year to be productive, attain some goals and protect my mindset. That requires me to avoid a lot of mental junk.

For example, I NEVER watch desperate housewives, the Kardashians (ugh), entertain or engage negativity, or any other nonsense out there. Anyone that knows me, knows my greatest strength and that’s my patience…anyone who says anything negative to me can expect that I’ll  get off the phone, excuse myself and immediately remove myself from their presence and needless to say I’ve irritated many people with my silence and crickets, especially those who love a good battle.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no push over, but nothing is ever gained by stepping down your class and lowering yourself to shouting and angry words. Nothing clear or coherent is ever communicated there and only unhappiness follows.

I understand how precious my mind is and everything I put in there sends out signals to the things that enter my life. That’s important to me. Happiness is yours if you dare to extend your heart, mind and use your tongue to speak great things!

I’ll speak it for you, “Unhappiness is a thing of your past! You’re affected by happiness, it’s your practice and everything you touch ultimately turns into happiness!”

C.T.A: Did you like this post? Totally hope so! I’m on a fourteen hour ride back home and this road needs to be repaved! Definitely not a glamorous ride home and I’ve slept about three hours every night for the past four days! I just had to share with you though! Thank you in advance for liking, sharing on your social networks and dropping me a comment. Be sure to tell me what your happiness practice will be or how you’ve already attained it! Xo



How To Kick Unhappiness Out Of Your Life!
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