Yes we live in this world, on this earth, but I’ve lived longer in my mind…my mind is my potion, my poison, my antidote, my placebo and I get to choose every day.

There’s one truth I’ve come to grips with; the world I belong to is the one I move towards. There was a time when I lived in many worlds…silently drifting along…a dormant dead soul. I was many things to many people, being whatever they wanted me to be…

Then I decided, ever so slowly that the world I am building is an exemplary world. No, it isn’t perfect, it’s filled with slippery slopes, sink holes and fire breathing dragons.

Other worlds you and I have created have those things, but your chosen world is your haven. At the end of the day, it’s the safest, most extraordinary place. Even though bad things may happen, you HAVE no choice but to rise to the top.

Here’s how you know you’ve created multiple worlds:

You’re constantly pulled in many directions
. Consciously and subconsciously you know which direction you ought to take. But, it always seems that when you make a decision the world or some higher power tends to test you beyond measure.

If there are people, tasks and endless To Dos yanking at you, then you have to decide whether you want to be yanked. The greatest freedom will come from letting go.


Your aura is out of whack. What emanates from you? What do you give unto all directions? Have you ever walked into a room and expecting to be greeted kindly, you were met with quiet indifference or silent waves of anger? We often recognize it in others, but what of ourselves? What pours from your mind, heart and soul?

Even a negative aura will be reciprocated…even a positive aura will be reciprocated. You need not show me your thoughts, you need not show me your heart…I see it, feel it and experience it before it’s revealed!


You’re stressed beyond measure and it’s affecting your body, mind and soul. Perhaps you’ve perfected out of balance. Your days are probably rushing in multiple directions at the same time. Has your life become an endless fast-forward, your mind a graffiti wall of things done and yet to be done…painted, tainted and sprayed to imperfection?

You KNOW what your life’s purpose is and yet you move in the opposite direction
. Fear is faith’s twin. It paints a picture in our minds and you are the painter. Perhaps fear has its fangs in you and you’re comfortably seated in your fears. Failure, rejection and success may terrify you and rob you of the air to your very essence.

You’re terrified of what other people think. Why do we care about what other people think? Because we believe that they often think about us! Much to the contrary, they do not place you in the center of their minds. They’re busy with self…

Perhaps you have the unasked, unwanted opinion of others? Ask yourself; Is it valuable, is it honest and does it appeal to your intuition? No one wants to be placed on the judging block, but the sad reality is, you’re there already!

Solutions, Solutions.


Here’s the truth; you can’t make everyone happy. Be respectful, be kind, but BE YOU! There will never be another path, but being you and embracing your truth.

BEING will feed your soul and there’s no truer truth. If the people in your life  truthfully love and support you, then you need to be steadfast and headstrong about accomplishing your true path and constructing and stabilizing your world.

Your aura, your stress level and every negative emotion, every bile that harasses your life will continue to persist if you do not do the right thing.

Self-sabotaging is NEVER the answer! The only thing that will do is dilapidate the essence of you…

Other people will continue to think and talk…especially about themselves and on seldom occasions about you; who cares? They’ll never pay your bills, live your dreams or make your impact! So why not now, why not you?

The greatest path to being is making your world, your true kingdom.


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