It seems when we look at the world today it’s more natural to feel unhappy. Turn on the T.V, open a newspaper (anyone does this anymore?), open a digital magazine (that’s more like it!)and we are bombarded by destruction, murders, heartache, propaganda, etc.  Then, when we take into account the stress of daily living, we can become unhappiness bait.

If we’re not careful unhappiness can easily become us. While it’s important to be aware of the happenings of society, it’s not necessary to over inundate your mind with the world’s problems. Let’s face it; there’s a lot of good that happens in the world, but seldom do we see it in the media and that convinces us that it must be arduous to find our own happiness.

When you go to the grocery store, there are magazines that line the shelves at checkout. Outside of the occasional food mag, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a magazine cover that doesn’t slander or gossip. The mind can either be a receptacle for trash or your most valuable asset.

Think of it, we clean our homes, our cars, we have purifiers and filters for our water and our air, we take showers, wash our faces, fix our nails and what of our minds? What do you do on a daily basis to clean, polish and grow your mind? Simply put; happy mind, happy heart. When your mind is fresh, innovative and at its creative best, the heart will shine.

Outside of simply liking a positive post on social media, what are you doing to welcome happiness into your life? Is happiness only a lofty idea? Or is it something you’re striving for on a daily basis? Sometimes I speak to folks and these are nice people who are often unhappy…and do nothing to improve their situation.

If you have the fortitude to complain about the situation and voice your opinion, be willing to change it! Become the best doer in your life. It’s not enough to just say you have positive thoughts because you’re revealed by the life you live and by the words that ultimately flow off your tongue. We are “Hung By The Tongue” or uplifted by it.

Understand that no matter what your situation, any excuse will suffice. I’m certainly not suggesting that you shouldn’t have feelings and weaknesses…been there, done that and you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. The thing that knocks you down shouldn’t keep you down. You’re bigger than that, greater than any challenge and the sooner you make that thought your home, the sooner you’ll be on your way to victory!

What do you hope to make of this life that you were blessed with? What will your legacy be? Who and how many do you wish to impact? When they look upon your tombstone, what do you wish to be written there? And do you wish it to be a generic or an absolute true statement?

One of the greatest paths to happiness is service to others. It’s simple, it’s natural to give service to oneself and it takes preemptive efforts to do for others what you would essentially do for yourself.

Opportunities for happiness will not seek you out and you will definitely have to go on a journey of self-discovery to find yours. Self-discovery doesn’t have to be complicated; we naturally tend to over-complicate things.

Perhaps volunteering at a shelter will bring you happiness, maybe its learning to cook from scratch, maybe it’s planting trees, or maybe it’s spending more time with your friends and families, or maybe it’s abandoning your fear of failure and giving that dream that’s locked away in your heart a shot. Whatever it is; you should stop wasting time and do that thing! Why wait for the perfect moment, it’s before you right now! Happiness does not have to be a complex puzzle. The key to your happiness is you.

Sometimes the person we’re hardest on is the person we need to love the most. Self-love can be liberating if you let it. You wouldn’t let anyone else inflict injuries unto your body? Then why do we torture our minds? If someone or an animal attacks you, you would fight for your life, I’m sure. Then, why do we cower and accept the debasing things we say to ourselves?

Be willing to stare yourself in the eyes and accept that whatever the past, now is the time for you and your happiness. No longer will you bully yourself, no longer will you degrade your decisions and no longer will you be your greatest enemy. All it really takes is a strong mental shift and when that shift is made the domino effect of happiness will amaze you.

Here are a some takeaways:

  1. Protect your mind, it’s your most valuable asset
  2. Discover the legacy you wish to leave behind and start NOW!
  3. Happiness can be found in giving service to others
  4. And practice self love.

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photo credit: Thomas S. Monson Of this be sure, you do not find the happy life – you make it via photopin (license)

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