Is it strange that I have this feeling…a feeling of greatness…a feeling that great things are to follow. Amidst the horror and sadness, I feel hope.

I see destruction. I even see evil. I see confusion. I see pain. I see grief and I feel hope…

I see the light of goodness. I see belief and strength in the future…millennials this is your call to action. Is there a great need for leadership? Is there a great need for a sustainable vision? Is there a great need for honorable men and women to do the right things…to stand by this great nation, to stand by the world? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Will we sit, complacent in the knowledge that there’s little leadership and an abundance of personal agendas? I say it’s time to rise up! And awaken the inner spirit of the dream, of hope, of the triumph in the American dream, the dream that was once brought alive by our founding fathers.
I feel it in my heart, even more so because I’m an immigrant who was granted the honor and blessing of a great America. This is my America. My home, the only place in the world that took me out of a stagnant life…a poor, preordained future so that I can create a legacy, a life and a blessing for generations to come.

No, I’m not ungrateful, I’m so thankful for where I came from because I am who I am because I came from my country of birth. But I realize, I wouldn’t have what I have today without this great land!!

I’ve seen the men and women of this great land honored…the men and women who protect us and preserve the freedoms that our founding fathers fought so hard to preserve. No words, no appropriate gratefulness can truly show the level of servitude, the level honor they deserve…

You…yes you, may be white, black, brown. You may be Buddhist, may be you’re Christian or perhaps you don’t follow a particular faith, perhaps you live in Louisiana or maybe you’re in the big apple, maybe you’re short, tall or somewhere in between …my point is we are all so different. But when did different become bad?

The thing that ties us together is our humanity. It’s our capacity to give and receive love. It’s the faculties of the mind that aptly enables us to become educated and to educate others. Do you realize that of all the species in the world, you are the only one who has the capacity to think and create, to change, to improve society…The only species who not only has a pumping, beating heart, but has the capacity to have heart.

The more politics that’s involved in humanity, the more we move away from love…the more we become strategic, careful, calculating, judgmental…the more we are driven by greed, power and position, the farther and farther away we move from our humanity.

Isn’t it time we return to love? To basic, HUMAN emotion? Should be the simplest thing, huh? You know what’s easy? It’s easy to hate and spread hate, it’s easy to do nothing, and it’s easy to keep all of these human feelings buried in the deepest corner of my heart, of your heart. It’s easy to close your eyes, shut your ears, isolate yourself and ignore the plight of the world.

You know what else is easy? It’s easy to love, listen, be kind, to have compassion, to be stirred deep within the soul that you know if change is to come YOU must rise above the frailty you feel, YOU must stand hand in hand with people, not just among them.

How can the world change? Not by standing against each other with our shields up and our swords drawn! Our hands become bloodied, our souls dark even before the deed is done because our intentions are real and our hearts reveal.

How ideal would a world of spent shell casings and a lowly decrepit society be…? How ideal would it be for children to be fatherless, motherless, hungry and uneducated? How ideal would the continuity of poverty be…? How ideal would the earth be…? Would mother earth rejoice in our accomplishments?

Sadness…I mentioned it in the beginning. It’s OK, I want you to know you should feel sadness…basic human emotion. It’s okay to be scared…basic human emotion. Grief…okay to feel grief …basic human emotion.

Question is; should you stay there? It’s not an easy answer because you should let those feelings run its natural course. Don’t hide them, don’t bottle them, feel…it’s okay. YOU are human because you feel. Too many of us are cloaked…because we feel we must be accepted. We’re afraid of being an outcast. It’s time to reveal our humanity.

When you feel ready, let’s get started; let’s heal. Let’s get prepared for massive growth. Understand that I’m not proposing you change hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people. I’m proposing that you begin with the man in the mirror and then perhaps another and another…

Start with simple human emotion; smiling, saying hello, opening doors, helping neighbors, visiting the elderly, volunteering, giving money or food whenever we can, clearing out our closets and giving to those in need. As quick as you are to pass judgment, be just as quick to give love.

Sounds simple, right? Simple, but the effect of such simplicity becomes profound when droves of us follow suit.
There’s never a better time than the present to be selfless…there’s never been a better time to preserve the sanctity and purity of the dream, of our freedoms.

photo credit: Vigil to unite in the wake of the Orlando Pulse shooting via photopin (license)

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