Change, it’s the thing we need, desire and gosh darn it, we sure do yearn for it. Some of us are quiet about it, while others are quite vocal. How else do we combat the issues that plague not only society, but our lives? It’s no secret that I desire it, you do as well and the next person and the next…

But will thinking, talking and giving opinions create change? Let’s not change the world just yet, let’s change the person on the inside, let’s create change in the lives that surround us every day, in our communities and our cities.

Let’s ask ourselves, “If it bothers me that much, what can I do today to create positive change?”

Check out the video for tips on creating change:

C.T.A: Did you like this video? If so I would so appreciate it if you would like, share and comment. What have you personally done to create change and what was the impact of that change? Also, be sure to tell us about an issue that touches your heart and let us know that actionable steps you will take to change the situation.


photo credit: Anthony Douglas Williams We can’t change our yesterdays, but we can change our tomorrows via photopin (license)

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