There’s something so amazing about your blankness, the white formation of you…



Think of it; what will it become? Or is it doomed for emptiness?

Doomed to be deprived of the touch of ink upon its body, doomed to never feel the torment of the strike through; mistakes abound. Doomed to forget the scrape of the sharp inked weapon, the abrasion that takes those words back.


Am I to be crushed and crinkled and ripped into pieces? Will I never grace a hard cover? Do you dare to put me through the worst torment, a morbid punishment; to be utterly obliterated by tiny, sharp, scissor fingers?

Will I just fall uncharacteristically to the bottomless pit of white nothingness? I yearn to be grasped, dusted, rubbed…just as long as you have me.

If you will only use all that you have to fill me up…any color will do. Fill me beautiful, make me a rainbow, make a thunderbolt, and make me a star.

Cover every inch, make me into a rainbow, make me into a thunderbolt, make me into a star.

I want you happy.


I want you silly, even if you squiggle. Squiggle, bring me to heaven, bring me to earth, bring me to the world between…

I want to take hold of you. I want to hold you, wrinkles and all, dark spots and all, punctures and all, abrasions and all.

You…you are my dream, my destiny, my everything. You are the purest, the most innocent, and the most vibrant.

You are a conjuror, a juggler, a trickster, a puppeteer. I need you all the same…

I yearn to fall into your white nothingness, to grasp you by your edges and pour into you…you are an enigma, my enigma.

I will grasp my dagger and paint my love. I profess to show you everything, bare my soul to you. You will see me err, you will see the anguish of my tears, my retribution, the fight to find more…and yet you will love me.

I know you will not judge me, shun me or be sly to grin away my ideas. I will take you to the secret places, the crevices, the cracks, the highs, the lows and it will make you shimmer and shine with joy.

I hereby profess my love…since it’s a special time. I hereby release my love of you into this world…times at a standstill. I hereby declare that you are my destiny, my fate and forever my soul mate…I will continue to fill you. I will continue.


photo credit: waterworks via photopin (license)

photo credit: Seven via photopin (license)

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