The thing that gets me going and gets me so emotional every time I think about it, talk about it; is legacy. I can’t seem to hold it together when I speak about creating a legacy and I can’t stand to think that one day my life would a blank space, a boring, monotonous dash or worse a squiggly line!
I’m fired up about impacting lives! I’m pumped about changing another life and it’s so hard to voice it, but I hope and pray my mission will speak volumes that I don’t have to say a darn thing! I hope I don’t rant too much, but bear with me, I’m a bit excited!

Get Clear. Many of us have gotten great at mastering the art of confusion. Confused about where we’re headed, confused at which direction to take, confused about what decisions to follow. When we’re clear we won’t get distracted by anything that doesn’t contribute to our legacy.

Focus on mastering a few things and WORK like you’ve never worked before! We’ve fallen in love with wanting a million things, but unfortunately most aren’t willing to fight, not even willing to get in the flipping ring! We want the results and we’ve glamorized what our life should look like, but we’re unwilling to bleed a little. Here’s a huge hint; lethargy and legacy are sworn enemies!

Wear your scars like a champ.
If you want to be a winner, if you crave it, yearn it oh-so-badly then you’ve to be willing to get rid of this preconceived notion that you must be pretty in everything! Winners have bruises, scars and yes even become brokenhearted. None of that matters because the vision is so tremendous that it doesn’t affect us!

Say no to ALL pity parties! If you want to create a legacy then you’ve to stop making your life into a pity party! Get over that #%^*! Get beyond it! You weren’t made to be a “poor me” you were made to be great, amazing…Don’t lessen the value of you! You are made to be a person of strength, now show it!

Stay ahead of your circumstance!
If you want that legacy so bad, then stop putting your circumstance on a pedestal! Stop letting your circumstance guide you and determine what decisions you take! I lead my circumstance, it doesn’t hold me captive and I’m no captive, I’m the master!

Battle and bring all your mental weapons to the fight so that when that circumstance takes its claws out of you, you have the marks to show!

Legacies aren’t created on B games! Are you gonna bring your A game to everything you do? Your legacy will deteriorate; fade if you’ve only got a B game! The B game will act as acid to your dream of a legacy!

Be a quick picker upper! A legacy requires you to pick yourself up so quickly that not a soul has noticed you’ve faltered. Someone doesn’t like you, doesn’t talk to you, says something mean to you, don’t get mad, get over! Things don’t go as planned, you’re disappointed, let down, even hurt, don’t get mad or depressed, get over it!

Don’t let that fester in your life like an infected wound. Don’t go on social media, gossip about, think and think and think about it! Don’t give it life! Get good at getting over fast!

Stay committed! Remember, “Casual commitment yields committed casualties.” Don’t search for motivation, stop searching for fire on the outside! YOU be the fire in your life and measure your results accordingly. Don’t start and stop and start and stop! That’ll never create momentum. Map out a game plan that breaks down your daily habits and stick to your regimen.

Be tough but possess a silken heart. One of my goals is always to be mindful that the creatures I aim to impact are ultimately people and although you as well I need to be firm, it’s so important to have heart for people.

Be kind, be respectful and always remember a little something in the language of communication. Here’s what Jim Stovall says, “not because you’re speaking, anyone’s listening. Not because they’re listening, they’re hearing and not because they’re hearing, they’re understanding what you intended them to understand in the first place.”

How many lives will you change? How many lives are hinging on your decisions? What will it take for you to win and create your legacy? Aren’t you tired of being sheep? Stand against the crowd! And fight! Get bloody!

When you’ve climbed to the very top of the mountain, let it not be for the world to see you…let it be for you to gaze upon the world and be touched by the beauty you see!


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