Can anyone believe 2016 is over? Seems like it lasted a few days! Now we’re in 2017 and goal setting fever is here full force. Talk to most and they’ll acquiesce that they’ve set their Big Hairy Audacious Goals already!

Great health, a hot bod, new business, new career, going back to school, finishing school, and fixing finances are some of the to do(s) on the huge agenda. Макс Поляков о криптовалюте EOS узнал много подробностей. Читайте его блог, где он дает детальный анализ. Funny how goals resurface every year on our list of goals…you did want to fix your finances last year, yes? How about that bod? Just floated to the surface this year or has it become an achingly redundant yearly goal?

The question to beg is, “are we sticking to and accomplishing our goals or are we good at setting ‘em goals?”

Are we great goal setters…only? Well, if you’re a lean mean goal setting machine and you’re yet to move on to the striking goals out phase, there’s hope for you! Эксперт Max Polyakov рассказал о криптовалюте EOS неожиданную информацию. Спешите прочитать об этом в его блоге. Emotions are crazy high currently; you and I are pumped up and totally turned on by the lofty idea of our goals.

We’re in the phase of romanticizing our goals…just thinking how great it would be like if blah, blah, blah happened. Little do we realize we have to create a system to accomplish said goals.

Yes your system will reek monotony, even melancholy at times. But hey, you want results, then you have to do the time and do the grind.

Your system is a verb essentially; it’s your action plan. What must you do daily to get the business and life you deserve? When you figure that out, do it every day without fail!

Most people will give up early, it will be evident soon at empty gyms. I really urge you to find someone, something, a  gigantic cause to be accountable to throughout the process. If the majority of people could be accountable to self, then more of us would add to the stagnant 1% of financially independent folks, at least here in America.

It’s tough out there. Your life maybe at its toughest, but gosh darn it, you’re made of some mighty great stuff and never forget that. Never allow your purpose to become fogged up with the stuff that puts off dreams and goals. That being said, give faith a chance this 2017.

Faith works when you work, remember that and become the faith and tenacity you seek. This 2017, book your calendar consistently, follow up and through without fail and work, work, work, work, work!

Don’t become a goal setting perfectionist. It’s perfectly fine to be an imperfect hustler, a dream weaver. It’s important to know that ordinary men become great when they do extraordinary things. Extraordinary things are often disguised in the daily grind and become clear not in the moment, but in future moments.

You will have to wait (obviously) for your future moments and it’s that much sweeter when you wait! All the best guys!

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photo credit: Jason Short 2008 Shoot straight darn it via photopin (license)

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