Toxic people, we all have them in our lives. Some of them are biologically related to us, some are friends, coworkers and sadly girlfriends, boyfriends, even significantly others.

The sad reality is that if you don’t deal with toxic people they will suck the energy, enthusiasm and drain the life right out of you and you stand the chance of becoming toxic yourself!

Recognize who they are and come to terms with what they do for you and to you. Identify these people and stop making excuses for their behavior. Enough is enough!

If you’ve got that someone or several someones that you just absolutely dread getting in touch with; either on the phone or in person.

You know the implications of engaging in any kind of banter or contact will lead to you feeling emotionally drained and utterly exhausted.

It’s that person that’s always gossiping about everyone and everything!

They’re blind to their own short comings and just love to hear themselves talk…to themselves (even when you’re present) and about themselves!

Shesh, on and on and on they go and all the while you inwardly cringe and envision pulling your precious hair out!

They have a jaded view of life and the world. It’s always doom, gloom and destruction.

They’ve got the worse life, even when it’s great and no matter how much you encourage them, their situation is most unique and dire to their existence.

Perhaps, accepting this kind of relationship and behavior has become an unhealthy pattern in your life. Well, the good news is; now’s the perfect time to disrupt that pattern.

Understand that toxicity is their normal and if you’re positive and confident, that’s their abnormal!

Set boundaries. Don’t just let them be emotional vampires in your life. Boundaries can be set for everyone in your life, even if they’re family and friends.

Set a time limit. If meeting for lunch with a friend on a regular basis leads to her dumping on you, then stop going. Get deliberately busy doing something else!

If you’ve a client or critic that keeps on gifting you with headaches, stress and frustration; implement the drop and block. Ask yourself; “is the money worth the hassle?” or “is the critic worth your time and stability?”

Use that lovely block button, it’s amaaazinggg!

If you absolutely MUST deal with them, get good at calling them few minutes before an appointment or when you know with certainty that you MUST be on your way soon.

Be honest with them. If the situation is affecting your life negatively and you’ve known each other for quite sometime and even forged a relationship, albeit negative.

Tell them how you feel and explain what their behavior is doing to you and your relationship. Only the folks who care will muster the courage to advise that toxic person to get some professional healing and meditation help.

If they’re angry with you, then don’t worry about it. Toxic people are great at vilifying others and victimizing themselves.

Get away from them! If all else fails, then you’ve to straighten your spine and distance yourself. What’s the worse that can happen? You’ll lose them. The best? You could find people who add value and vigor to your life.

Yes!! These people exist and can become such invaluable pathways to successful, meaningful relationships. If you don’t get rid of the bad, then how can you ever be blessed with wholesome goodness?

Are you that person? Are you reading this and realizing that you’re toxic? Then that’s progress! There’s hope for you.

You have to make a genuine decision to get the professional help you need to move forward and implement actionable steps to disrupt toxic behavior.

Come to terms with the fact that drastic change is required and be willing to do whatever it takes!

In the end, you decide who takes space in your life, who impacts and take this journey with you.

This life isn’t a dress rehearsal, so make sure you do it right!


photo credit: Magdalena Roeseler via photopin (license)

photo credit: emiliokuffer Los caminos de Chachao via photopin (license)

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