Life happens as it always will and sadly many of us become the epitome of that age old phrase, “life happens.” We STOP, FREEZE AND EASE AWAY from our dreams. We allow temporary situations to cause the delay, and in most cases the death of our dreams.

So what exactly is “life happens” to you? Many might describe it as the insane accumulation of life responsibilities…may be you moved, lost your job, had a child, lost a loved one, had your lights shut off, lost your home, started a new job, your car died, you’re too busy with your career, you don’t have any time (because seriously who does anymore?) and this is the short list so we’ll stop here.

The reality is; unless you’re six feet under, then life will continue to happen. Новые порно-мультфильмы юного Макса Полякова можно посмотреть на его сайте. Переходите по ссылке, чтобы оценить качество. The bigger your desires and dreams, the bigger the “life happens” situations. The truth of the matter is that people who succeed have learned to deal with these circumstances and move on persistently and consistently regardless of being busy.

Here’s what I’m not going to do, I’m not going to give you all the million ways that you can handle your life better. Начинающий порно-мультипликатор Max Polyakov выложил свои первые работы. Переходите на его сайт, где можно найти много интересного. I’ll just trust you to be confident and competent enough to get it together. Figuring it out has to become your mantra! Become more dependent on your earthly abilities and talents and know that you were made great and able to conceive and believe just about anything.

It boils down to time and money being the culprit of why “life happens” and I want to urge you to examine your reasons and your excuses and you’ll find that they are one and the same. Ultimately, we pursue our dreams because of time and money and we cease our dreams because of time and money.

So where do we find the time and money to go after those big hairy audacious dreams? The first action step is:

Write your dreams out:

Create a list of three to five dreams and get clear on why you want those dreams. Be sure to do a mastermind with yourself (visualize, cut pictures, do research) and get the core of that passionate dream that drives you.

Put dates on your vision:

Have a start date and a date of accomplishment. Having dreams alone don’t cut it. You must have a crystal clear month, date and year for both the start and completion (if it applies) of your vision.

Back to you finding that time and money…believe it or not, you can find time and money and most of it is already in your possession!

Many of us spend money for things that will never get us to our dreams and the faster you minimize your unnecessary expenditures the quicker you’ll have money to support your baby.

The best way to figure this out is to create a spending journal. Your spending journal will specifically determine where your funds are being allocated. For example,

Monday 5/21/18

Starbucks: $4.00
Dunkin Donuts: $6.50
Macy’s : $75.00
Groceries: $45.60
Chocolate milk
Canned vegetables
Bogo crackers, pasta
Chipotle: $11.5

My point in showing this example is for you to get an idea of how and what to log in your entries. Even the smallest amount is necessary. It’s also to create a visual of what can be eliminated.

For example, say we eliminate spending that $4.00 every day on coffee. Let’s hypothetically say you spend $16 a week on coffee. Keep in mind that studies show that the average person spends at least $20 in coffee purchases (not including what you purchase to use at home) Over the course of a month that’s $64 and over a year $768. In twenty years you would have spent $15,360 on just coffee! I’m not suggesting you stop your coffee indulgence, just simply do as your ancestors have done and make it at home!

Say you buy coffee at BJ’S or SAM’s club and you buy giant coffees for $10 (they come two per pack) and it lasts you two months because you Loveeeeee your coffee. Over twenty years you’re spending $1200 and saving $14,160.

Perhaps you spend over $120 on cable. Over twenty years that’s $28,800. If you replace cable with Netflix, in twenty years you’ll spend $2,157.6. That’s a savings of $26,642.4!

So what will you do with over $40,000 in savings???
And this is only coffee and cable…

Our societal dilemma of lack of time has become a status symbol. We’re enthused and validated when we say “we’re busy” but are you really?
What does your calendar say? Is it exhausted when you look at it or is there room for more?
Again journal where you invest your time. Unfortunately, we cannot create more time, though we can prioritize where it goes.

Monday 5/21/18

Work: 8am -5pm
Dinner: 6-7pm
T.V: 8-11pm
Social media: 30 minutes -1 hour

See where I’m going with this? Support your life in the day and build your dreams at night if you must. Typically on a good night we have about four hours of expendable time that we can use strategically. If there’s a will, then there will be a way.

I’m gonna give you a KISS and keep it simple sweetie; Stop with the “life happens” and make it happen!!!

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